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   Chapter 419 Don’t Worry. I Will Be Fine.

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Andrew was with two women today, which surprised many. One of them even had her arm linked tightly with Andrew's.

This was the first time that they saw him with any woman.

At the sight of Andrew and Lesley, Mr. Li was particularly shaken. "Mr. Gu and Miss Feng, are you going to get married soon?" he joked.

It was common knowledge among the well-to-do, that the Lu and Feng families were planning on uniting. The union of both families would be formalized by Andrew and Lesley's wedding.

It was common knowledge, and just about everyone in J city knew about the impending wedding.

Lesley would never admit, nor deny such news. She always preferred to stay coy about it, which only seemed to confirm it even more.

Just by looking at the way Lesley acted around Andrew, it would be clear to know what was really going on between them.

Despite all the rumors swirling about them, Andrew appeared cool and indifferent to it all.

No one could be sure what was really going on in Andrew's mind.

"Excuse me... this is?" Mr. Li wondered.

It was only then that Mr. Li noticed Ashley standing between Andrew and Lesley.

Before the three of them standing there, Ashley had already gotten rid of Andrew's hand.

Ashley was now standing right behind Andrew and Lesley, and appeared left out.

Whereas Lesley was standing beside Andrew and appeared very confident and sure of herself.

Andrew wore his usual black suit for the event. His posture and stature only seemed to attract more people towards him.

Lesley was wearing a long light-purple hollow dress. Her fair and flawless back was exposed behind the dress.

Her long perfect calves were also exposed, giving Lesley a very alluring look about her.

Lesley's beautiful features were highlighted even more, by the makeup she wore. Every step she took made Lesley look even more classy and alluring. There was no question that she was the most attractive and powerful woman in J City.

Together, Andrew and Lesley, were a perfect match.

Andrew's expression softened when it came to mentioning Ashley.

Before he was about to introduce Ashley, Lesley interrupted. She would not allow Ashley to steal the spotlight from her, even in a small way.

She linked her arm around Ashley's with a big smile. "She's my friend."

The moment Lesley laid her hand on Ashley, Andrew's face reddened. He fe

you laughing at?"

Ashley stared at Lesley with a determined look. "You won't."

Lesley asked, "Why are you so sure?"

Ashley answered, "Well, you were quick to volunteer as my guide earlier. If anything happens to me, you know how Andrew will react. Andrew would be furious, not to mention that, if you did embarrass me in public, you would shame Andrew as well. I don't think you would want him angry or embarrassed at all."

Lesley snorted upon hearing Ashley's words. She could barely hide her contempt for Ashley.

Lesley absolutely loathed Ashley. She couldn't believe what Andrew saw in a common woman like her. "Look at you. You don't deserve Andrew at all. What does he see in you? A pretty face?

You are just an ordinary person with a low social status. You will not further Andrew's career in any way. If you ask me, you may even be detrimental for him in the long run. It would be damaging for him to be seen with a woman like yourself. Your pretty face means nothing!"

Ashley looked at Lesley with a big smile. "Well, here's the thing. Andrew loves this pretty face. So everything you said, doesn't really matter. He loves me, not you."

Lesley couldn't believe what she was hearing. Who was this woman that had such a way with words? Ashley could really get under Lesley's nerves.

After they were out of Andrew's sight, Lesley decided to leave Ashley alone.

Lesley believed that Ashley would be fine alone with all the upper-class people around in the party.

Besides, this was a big party, and there was no way Lesley could follow Ashley anywhere.

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