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   Chapter 418 Uncertainty About Andrew's Identity

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Ashley finally changed her lilac evening dress to a white one which covered her knees and arms.

As she moved with noiseless steps, several layers of patterns below the dress's hemline skipped and danced as if they had come alive.

Ashley was elegant, dignified, and gorgeous in the lilac evening dress. It suited her to a T.

The white dress, on the other hand, made her look like a genuine blooming orchid

that exuded a sense of gentle temperament. Several people were already glancing at Ashley, and she was a real scene-stealer.

Her skin had the same color tone and texture as the dress, and she appeared to be a genuine visage of true beauty.

Her arms and thighs were covered, so she did not look too skimpy or sensual. This pleased Andrew greatly.

Although the Feng family was eclipsed by the Lu Group in business circles, it still was quite powerful and influential.

In J City, there were four renowned families including the Feng family, the Gu family, the Lu family and the Yun family. The Feng family was still part of the "Big 4" group of families.

The Feng family was almost as established and influential as the Lu family.

As the president of the Feng Group and the head of the Feng family, Winfred's birthday party was as luxurious as expected.

Winfred did not spare any expense to show his superior and honorable status to all. He rented out one of the few seven-star hotels in J City to celebrate his birthday. It was a true statement of Winfred's power and influence.

The lavish party was held at the top of the hotel.

The moment Ashley stepped out of the elevator at the top floor, she felt dizzy and nauseous. The dazzling light from the costly crystal chandeliers made her head swim. There were quite a number guests that all looked rich and powerful. It was like nothing Ashley had ever seen before, and she felt as if she had literally stepped into another world.

As the president of the Feng Group in J City, Winfred's birthday party was celebrated by distinguished personages and celebrities.

Standing beside a spray fountain located at the center of the floor, a group of debutantes were sharing their latest funny stories.

Everyone toasted with each other as the swirling, colorful lights illuminated on their faces.

The guests chatted and drank the night away in a lavish display of opulence.

Gazing at all the women wearing designer cl

st impossible. It's just not like Andrew. He's just not the type. The woman's just got to be a friend. Yes, that's it. Just a friend of his."

"I don't think friends could be that close and intimate," Sansa frowned.

"She can't be Andrew's girlfriend. Besides, Lesley still seems confident with her arrangement with Andrew. She's got a lot to lose if the woman really is his girlfriend but Lesley does not seem too concerned. Let's just trust Lesley about this. She still looks very unaffected by all this."

"I know, but I just don't want Lesley to be hurt by Andrew," Sansa pouted.

Lucy tried to reassure Sansa, but she could not reassure herself. Her doubts about what they were witnessing were still there in her heart. Andrew would not just throw away everything, or would he?

Walking toward Andrew, Lesley cast Ashley a glance and gave her a nod.

"Andrew, you are here,"

Lesley said in an intimate tone. She spoke as if the two of them were already married and committed.

Andrew replied rather coldly. There was no excitement in his voice.

Although Andrew seemed as cold as ice, but Lesley still smiled at him.


A middle aged man in a black suit approached Andrew. He seemed to be around forty, or fifty and he was accompanied by a woman who still retained her graceful bearing. The man had a glass of wine in his hand.

The man called to Andrew.

He was just as confused as everyone else. He had seen Andrew usually arrive alone in functions like this. But this time, Andrew was accompanied by an attractive young lady, which confused him more or less.

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