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   Chapter 417 Male Chauvinist Pig

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"Please follow me, young lady," the manager urged respectfully.

The manager knew Andrew was a man with power and status. As Ashley was with Andrew, the manager knew his distance and thus showed Ashley enough respect.

Ashley cast a glance over at Andrew, scouring his eyes for any sign of approval. She wanted to know if it was okay to go with the manager.

"Go. It'll be okay,"

Andrew reassured her, and Ashley smiled before following the manager.

"You may sit over here," the manager said, ushering her to the benches.

As soon as Ashley sat down, a woman came by. She looked somewhere between thirty to forty years old.

She wore a classy business suit, with her hair pulled neatly into a ponytail and swaying on the back of her head.

Ashley tried to take a glance at the woman's name plate, but the woman was too far away. She couldn't read her name. All Ashley knew was that the woman worked here.

"Hello, manager," the woman greeted.

"Mary, please style this young lady. Be careful with her," the manager instructed. After he entrusted Ashley to the woman, he walked back over to where Andrew was seated.

Ashley was already dressed up before she left today. She wouldn't have dressed up if only she knew that Andrew would bring her to this place.

"Chin up, please."

Mary ordered, lifting Ashley's jaw with the tip of her makeup brush. Ashley quietly obeyed and tilted her head upward.

"Please close your eyes."

Ashley closed her eyes and felt Mary stroke her brush carefully against her eyelids. Her movements felt graceful, with an expertise unlike any other.

She wasn't used to having herself pampered this way. Putting on makeup by herself was done differently. The way Mary was doing her makeup made her feel special and at the same time, a little uneasy.

"Your skin is too good to need excess make-up. A little blush will work perfectly."

Mary said, before angling her head to the side. She began to work on Ashley's eyebrows, brushing her short hair to one side. After she was done, she grabbed another brush and added a soft blush on Ashley's cheekbones. Ashley's face glowed a lot brighter because of what Mary did. Feeling satisfied with her work, Mary chose a pair of earrings to accent her look.

"It's all done. You can open your eyes now."

Ashley was just about to doze off when she heard Mary call her back awake.

When Ashley opened her eyes, she could barely recognize the woman she saw i

w he liked it. Why did he want to change her outfit?' Mary was absolutely baffled.

Even Ashley herself loved the way she looked when she turned in front of the mirror. "I do love this dress," Ashley countered.

Each and every woman would always want to feel beautiful and gorgeous.

Ashley was no exception to this.

Beauty was just part of being a woman. It was inherent nature.

Andrew cleared his throat and repeated himself. "Change it. Get a longer one that would cover your skin."

Mary stilled, shocked by what she heard. Just as she was about to say something, the manager lifted his hand to stop her.

There was no room for Mary to talk back to such a powerful man like Andrew.

Ashley was also confused about what she was hearing as well. She couldn't figure out why Andrew was getting so upset over what made her feel beautiful.

'What is he talking about? This evening gown is absolutely extravagant, ' she thought to herself.

Ashley looked up at Andrew pitifully. "But Andrew, I don't want to change. Can't I keep wearing it?"

"No." Andrew answered sharply, eyes narrowing at Ashley.

"What? Why?"

"I don't like it."

Ashley was aghast. 'How could he look at this gown and think it's not beautiful?

Maybe he has poor taste. He needs to improve his standards, ' she murmured in annoyance.

Andrew called her attention away when he spoke. "Do you even really like this evening gown?"

Ashley was taken aback a bit. With hesitation, she gave a small nod. "Well... I just really think it's very beautiful and I think it fits me perfectly."

Andrew nodded, an idea slowly brewing into his mind.

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