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   Chapter 416 The Banquet

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If Ashley could read Andrew's mind, she probably would feel quite frustrated.

All she wanted from him was the training. She was not going to see the man for fun or social reasons.

Ashley did not join her other two colleagues in the end. Andrew preferred to teach her himself, in his office.

She had to admit that Andrew was good at teaching. His explanation was clear, logical and easy to understand.

At about five o'clock, they got off from work together.

Ashley left Andrew's office and returned to her desk. Soon after, Amaia and Tristan gathered around her.

Neither of them could hide the excitement on their faces.

How could they not be excited to see the famous design master from M Country?

As soon as Amaia saw Ashley, she grabbed her arm and babbled like a fan. "Ashley, did you know? Toni is just awesome! I learned so much from him! He is just amazing! He inspired me a lot, and I got a lot of ideas from him, that I'm eager to try out!"

Ashley smiled and said, "That's great! Glad to hear that! Keep up the good work."

"Sure, I will," said Amaia.

Amaia took a moment before speaking again, "What about you? Where have you been?"

Ashley recalled the time she spent in Andrew's office. They spent a lot of time training closely together. There were moments that Andrew was very close to her, and she could almost smell his perfume. He had leaned close to her, as he guided her hand on the mouse of his computer. At that moment, all Ashley could do was to try her best not to blush. She almost smiled, as she remembered the moment, but her mind soon jerked her back to the present moment.

"We have different fields of expertise. Yours is fashion, and mine is jewelry, so it's natural that we have two different trainers. I was being trained in the opposite room, from yours."

Amaia had no idea about what happened with Ashley and Andrew. She was genuinely happy for her. "Oh really? That's great!

Well, it's time to get off work. We'd better get our stuff and start moving."


Ashley turned around, and her gaze met Tristan's, who was just walking towards them.

He smiled shyly at Ashley.

Ashley smiled right back at him.

Before they could say anything, Ashley looked away, and continued to pack things into her bag.

Ashley looked away from Tristan, right when he started to blush. She never caught sight of his face getting red like a tomato.

Ashley went out and got into Andrew's car as usual.

After she got back to the villa, she suddenly remembered the jade pendant. Ashley took it out, and stared at it. As she stared at it, she became lost in thought.

Every time she saw a h

e looked at Andrew with doubt.

"Come out with me," said Andrew.

Ashley got out of the car and Andrew led her into the shop. It was a luxury shop selling expensive goods. She wondered why Andrew brought her here.

Andrew grabbed her hand and headed to the door of the shop.

She had to follow him behind.

Once they got inside the shop, Ashley's eyes almost popped out. The interior of the shop was much larger than the outside, and they sold even more expensive goods. She had never been to such a place of opulence.

It was a hairdresser's shop, but it wasn't like the shop she usually went to. This was worlds away from the place she frequented.

Everything looked stylish and expensive. There was a huge mirror on the wall and all kinds of branded cosmetics were displayed on the shelves.

As soon as Andrew arrived, an attendant came to greet him. "Hello, Mr. Lu."

"Hi," Andrew replied.

The attendant caught a glimpse of Ashley trailing behind Andrew, and he gave her a surprised look.

The attendant couldn't help but wonder who Ashley was. 'I always heard that Mr. Lu was a hardworking man who never had any woman around him. But he's here with a woman.

Who could she be? I can't believe it!'

The attendant was surprised but remained professional and did not show any of his emotions.

"This way Mr. Lu, please."

That person showed them around the large shop, until he led them to a private room.

The room was huge, almost as big as the hall outside. But the decoration of the room was even more exquisite than the hall. Only a few privileged clients like Andrew could enter this space.

The area was a special place that was known for their hair care and style. Several celebrities often had their hair and makeup done here.

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