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   Chapter 415 Ulterior Motives

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Ashley won third place in the design contest, so she, too, was on the same floor where Andrew's office was located.

It was an idea Johnny had suggested to Andrew.

Now, Andrew wanted to see Ashley, and had just ordered Johnny to go get her.

Because of this, Johnny not only had to come to see Ashley, but Amaia and Tristan as well.

Amaia won first place, while Tristan won second.

The three winners were reassigned to the same floor so that they could keep each other company and work together.

"Our CEO has invited the famous fashion designer from M Country to come to train you. Please, follow me," Johnny said.

Amaia got excited when she saw Johnny. She grabbed Ashley's hand. "Look, Ashley," she whispered.

"Haven't you secured your prey yet?" Ashley asked leaning in to whisper back to Amaia.

"No. I did what you told me to do, but it seemed to have no effect," Amaia replied, clearly disappointed.

"How could it not work? Maybe you just need to give it more time. Just keep trying and work harder. I'll help you. I'm sure you will make it," Ashley encouraged her.

"Well...okay then," replied Amaia.

Johnny saw the two whispering to each other.

He gave a short, loud cough to interrupt them.

'Weren't they even paying attention to anything that I've just said?' Johnny thought, getting a bit annoyed.

Ashley and Amaia straightened up and ended their little discussion. The three of them collected the articles they were going to use and followed Johnny.

Johnny took them to a spacious room. After Amaia and Tristan went in, Johnny grabbed Ashley's arm before she could follow them inside.

Ashley looked at him with puzzlement.

As a reply, Johnny winked at her, and she immediately knew what he was trying to say.

She followed his signal and stayed outside the room, and waited as Johnny went inside.

Inside the room, a man in his late forties was waiting. He had very pale skin, and wore a fairly casual outfit. There was a seriously blank expression on his face.

He was the well-known fashion designer from M Country, named Toni.

The C

and have the training.

But she had no choice. He was her boss, her CEO now.

Ashley stayed there without moving for a while, still quite in shock. Then she hesitantly walked to his back and started to massage his shoulders.

She saw the fatigue in his eyes and her heart ached for him.

He must be exhausted every day managing such a big organization and having so much work to do.

She kneaded his shoulders steadily.

Andrew originally asked her to massage him so that she would be closer to him.

But, once she was just inches from him, it was different.

When Ashley put her hands on his shoulders, a light fresh fragrance from her body wafted into his senses.

It distracted him from his work.

His mind was flooded with thoughts of her.

The places her hands touched felt so warm that his mind started to wander into thoughts that were inappropriate to have.

After a short while, he couldn't stand it anymore.

"It's okay. You don't have to massage for now."


Her hands fell to her sides as she thought about what Andrew could possibly be thinking.

"May I go now, Mr. Lu?"

Ashley was still thinking about the training going on at the moment, by the design master, Toni.

Andrew knew her so well now that with a glance at her face, he could read her thoughts.

His face turned dark immediately. 'What does that old man have to offer that I can't?'

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