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   Chapter 414 Invitation

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Ellie wasn't sure if it was because of the dream she just had, but she heard Francis's voice calling to her. She frowned, thinking that the last thing she wanted to do right now was to talk to him.

But he kept calling out to her without remorse. "I'll be right there!" Ellie shouted with a heavy sigh.

With a grunt, she quickly washed her face with some cold water, tidied herself up, and made her way out of her bedroom.

In the living room, Francis already had breakfast ready.

Ellie was usually the one who made breakfast, but since she didn't get up today to prepare breakfast, Francis decided to do it himself.

He bought a lot of food--there was bread, soy bean milk, churros, porridge with meat and egg, dumplings, and many more. They were all neatly placed over the dining table.

Upon walking into the dining room, Ellie was speechless to see the mountain of food.

"Why did you buy so much? We won't be able to eat all of this by ourselves."

"It's okay. You work too hard all the time. You should eat more nutritious food to start off your day,"

Francis explained with a big grin on his face.

Meanwhile, at the Feng family house.

Lesley was slowly and carefully putting on makeup on her small, delicate face. She swiped the lipstick across her supple lips, and then smacked her mouth to even it out. Afterwards, she took a final look in the mirror, turning her head from side to side. When she was satisfied, she picked up her purse and took her leave.

She was going to the Lu Group to give Andrew an invitation to her father's 55th birthday celebration.

When she got to the company building, the receptionists greeted her with a smile. "Good day, Miss Feng."

Lesley nodded in reply, and went straight to the elevator.

Once the doors closed behind her, the receptionists gathered around to gossip.

"Don't you think Miss Feng and our CEO are made for each other? They are destined to be together!"

"I totally agree. From what I know, Mr. Lu has never had any other woman around him. Maybe he was waiting for Miss Feng to come back from abroad."

"I guess that is most likely. After all, they've known each other since they were little kids. She must have special fee

rsonally sent him the invitation, and even took time to look her best before she came here, yet she was treated like scum.

Andrew acted like nothing happened, and began to pick up where he left at work. As he was typing on his computer, he pressed a button on his telephone and to call Johnny in.

"Yes, Mr. Lu?"

Johnny was a little nervous being summoned into his office.

Andrew took a brief glance at Johnny. "Ask her to come here," he ordered promptly.

Johnny was wordless. 'What? Who? Ask who to come here? What kind of instruction was that?' Johnny thought, trying to figure out what Andrew wanted.

It was not until Andrew cast another stern glance at him did Johnny realize that he meant Ashley.

"Right away, Mr. Lu," replied Johnny. He was about to turn to leave, when Andrew called out to him again.

"Ask the three of them to come here together. You can take care of that, can't you?"

Johnny's mouth twisted with distress.

Nowadays, Andrew seemed to become more and more unbridled.

Whenever he wanted to see Ashley, Andrew would ask Johnny to bring her in.

It was easier said than done. He still had to get the other two people out of the way.

But, of course, Johnny couldn't do anything but complain only to himself.

"Understood, Mr. Lu."

A week ago, the design contest had ended, and the judges had already chosen three winners. Andrew had purposefully moved those three persons to his floor with an ulterior motive in mind.

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