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   Chapter 413 Let's Make A Baby Of Our Own

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After eating, Ellie put everything away in the kitchen and then came out.

She played with Elain for a little while. It was getting late, but Elain did not want to leave.

Elain begged, "Ellie, I don't want to go. Can't I just stay with you?"

"No way!"

It was Francis. Before Ellie spoke, Francis cut in and stopped her.

He had not spent a lot of time with Ellie. There was no way he was going to let Elain to eat up the time with her now.

There was just no way he was going to allow it.

Ellie heard Francis, and bent down to Elain. She spoke to her gently saying, "I think it's time for you to go with Daddy now. Aren't you going to school tomorrow? You know you have to go to school like the rest of the kids out there. Kids go to school. It's what they have to do. You know that."

Elain knew what Ellie was trying to say, but she still didn't want to leave her side. "I know, but I want to be with you."

"Darling, I'll come back after the holidays. You'll see me again in no time."

Despite all of Ellie's kind words and reassurances, Elain was still hesitant to part ways with her. Eventually she somehow relented.

"Ellie, will you walk us out?"

"Of course."

Edmund looked helpless. "Thank you for accompanying us downstairs."

"Most welcome."

Ellie was about to send them down, but suddenly she felt a tug on her dress. When Ellie turned around, she saw Francis standing behind her and pulling at her clothes. There was a look of genuine distress on his face.

Ellie whispered to Francis, "Are you going, too? You can stay here if you don't want to go. "

Francis agreed immediately, "Why not? Let's go!"

It was probably a good idea that Francis should go with them, or at least that was what he thought. After all, someone had to watch Edmund, lest he do something behind Francis' back.

Ellie couldn't understand why Francis was behaving like this.

Elain had already been dismissed, but she suddenly came running down the stairs. She hugged Ellie tightly. Ellie could see that this was not easy for Elain, and she spoke to her gently, "Don't be sad, Elain. I'll call you frequently. And I'll be back before you know it." "When you come back can we play together again? "

Ellie touched Elain's head gently, "Yes, of course."

Edmund took his daughter and said, "Goodbye."


Seeing them leave, Ellie turned around and went inside.

Francis hardly spent any time with Ellie and now she was already reassuri

tually started to grow on Ellie.

A boy and a girl. That would not be a bad thing. It would actually be a very nice idea.

Ellie already visualized them in her mind. They would be bubbly bouncing three-year olds. they would be tender and lovely and they would both be handsome and beautiful, just as Francis was attractive. One of them would have his eyes, while the other would have Ellie's eyes.

She could see them clearly now, and she liked what she saw in her mind's eye.

Francis had already been living with her, and they were happy and satisfied. Ellie couldn't see what was wrong if they took it a step further.

It was right about this time that a woman in a white dress barged into their villa. The woman was carrying a baby in her arms and insisted that the baby was Francis' own. Francis vehemently denied the woman's claims.

Ellie heard the woman calmly speak to Francis. She said, "Let's get divorced."

The woman demanded custody of their two children.

She demanded custody for Francis' and Ellie's children! Who was she?

It was about this time that Ellie woke up, with a cold sweat dripping from her forehead.

Ellie looked around. She was in her familiar environment, in her familiar place, not the grand villa, that she thought she was in, earlier.

Ellie heaved a sigh of relief, as she looked outside the window. The bright sunlight began to stream down into the room.

It was all just a vivid dream, and Ellie was relieved to see this.

Ellie heard the sound of several knocks on the door.

She turned around and heard a familiar voice from behind the door.

"Ellie, are you up?" It was Francis.

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