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   Chapter 412 Jealousy

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"Didn't I tell you? Just call me Ellie. Don't call me Miss Su. It is too formal. Don't you think so?"

"Alright then, Ellie,"

Edmund said immediately.

"Come in, please."

Ellie carried up Elain and walked into the room. Edmund followed her. He watched them passionately. The three of them looked like a family.

Seeing them walking into the sitting room, Francis grew more displeased.

'Why is there always somebody who wants to steal my Ellie?

And this man is not good looking.

He even has a daughter.

How did Ellie get to know this man anyhow?'

His heart was eaten up with jealousy, all of a sudden.

He tried to pull himself together and he told Ellie. "Don't you need to go to the kitchen? I'm afraid the food is burnt to cinders now," he said to Ellie.

His words reminded Ellie of the food in the cooker. "Oh, yeah. You are right. You may help me entertain our guests, please."

Then she hurried to the kitchen.

So Francis was left with Edmund and Elain.

As an old saying goes that when love rivals meet, hell is bound to break loose.

Yet, only Francis showed hostility. It was quite obvious from the look on his face, his facial expression and body gestures.

On the other hand, Edmund looked calm and neutral. No trace of disturbance or discomfort could be seen on him.

To break the awkward silence, Edmund said, "Thank you for taking care of Elain for me last time."

"It's okay. It's not a big deal. Ellie's business is my business too." No doubt, Francis was trying to confirm his presence in Ellie's life.

It seemed that Francis's words didn't bother Edmund at all.

After pouring two cups of water for them and seeing Edmund drink his, Francis said, "So you have been here for a while. I think it is time for you to leave now?"

Elain protested angrily, "No! I want to play with Ellie."

His words made Francis grow angrier. Edmund replied calmly, "No hurry. Elain came here to see Ellie and play with her. You know, she adores her."

"You know, Elain is fond of Ellie and talks about her all the time. People would think she is her mother or something," Edmund said calmly.

Having had enough

high, and laughed. "Do you know how to cook?"

"No, but I can learn," Elain shrugged and said. "Is it okay? Can you teach me Ellie?"

Ellie touched her head and said, "Thank you, but you'd better stay outside with your dad. The smoke in the kitchen is not good for your health. The food will be ready soon."

Elain didn't want to leave her. She wanted to stay with her.

"Be a good girl and go. I'll finish soon and come play with you. You go now and stay with your father and watch TV together."

"Okay," replied Elain reluctantly.

Just a moment after Elain went out, Ellie brought the food out. It was ordinary home-made food. Four courses and one soup.

After all the food was placed on the table, Ellie invited them to eat shyly. "You haven't had a dinner, have you? Come sit down and have some. These are common food I made. Hope you don't mind."

Before Edmund could speak, Elain said immediately, "No, Ellie, we haven't had dinner yet."

Ellie smiled and said, "Great. Then sit down and eat. I'm not sure if the food is what you like."

Edmund smiled brightly. "We are sorry to cause you trouble. The food smells so good. We are sure it tastes good too."

Francis didn't speak, but just snorted in displeasure on the side.

Obviously, they intended to stay for the meal.

Ellie heard him and glared angrily at him. Francis had to behave himself. But he just couldn't bring himself to be friendly to Edmund.

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