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   Chapter 411 Elain Is An Absolute Delight

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Upon hearing Ron's words, Abby quickly waved her hands to refuse.

"I'll go back by myself. You can take a break and relax in peace," said Abby.

Abby was in a state of quandary for quite some time. After clearing her mind, she spoke, "I hope you consume less alcohol in the coming days. It will ruin your health!"

Ron didn't expect such a comment from Abby. He was stunned and said, "Okay."

After everything was said and done, Ron somehow drove Abby back.

Ron was very firm to do so.

They then arrived at the Ye family villa.

Abby unfastened the seat belt and thanked him, feeling very bashful.

Ron smiled and said, "You are welcome." He had some thoughts running in his mind. After moments of hesitation, he said, "Thank you for driving me home yesterday."

With a smile on her face, she replied, "You're welcome."

Seeing her smile, Ron couldn't help but think of Ashley's charming smile.

"I'm sorry that I have to go in now," said Abby.

"Okay. Stay safe and walk cautiously," Ron said, after coming back to reality.

"Well..." Abby was happy that Ron was so affectionate and considerate. 'Now that I am outside the door of the villa, there won't be anything that will cause danger, ' thought Abby.

Ron waited until Abby walked into the villa. He then started his engine and left.

Ellie and Francis had sex with each other. Upon doing so, Francis started to have a live-in relationship with Ellie.

They slept in the same bed. But Ellie, who was used to sleeping alone, started to kick him out the bed every day.

Despite the fact that he was kicked out of the room and that he had to sleep only on the couch every day, Francis was still happy to just be around Ellie. This made him seem like a stupid person to other people.

When Ivor returned, he was so surprised to see such a changed behavior in Francis. He couldn't help but wonder about it.

That night, when Ellie was cooking, Francis walked into the kitchen again.

"Ellie, let me help you," said Francis.

Ellie frowned and refused, "No, thank you."

She was afraid that Francis would make a total mess if he helped.

Even though he was not warmly welcome to stay, he somehow stood there beside her and didn't leave. He just stood there doing nothing. Ellie simpl

e," thought Francis.

He then said, "Well, yes."

Elain struggled out of Edmund's arms and said, "Dad, please let me down. He is the beautiful uncle I was talking about. He is also a friend of Ellie."

Edmund reached out his hand and said, "Hello, I'm Edmund Su."

"Francis Nan."

Although they were shaking hands, they were judging and disliking each other.

While the other two were thinking that it was a friendly handshake, Edmund and Francis definitely knew what was going on in their minds.

"Who came? Why are you standing at the door?"

Until they heard Ellie's voice, their hands were still clasped together.

Francis turned around, looked at Ellie and did not speak. He sneered and then walked into the house.

Ellie did not understand what was happening.

Before Ellie could grasp the situation, her thoughts were interrupted by a soft voice. "Big sister, I missed you so much!"

At the same time, someone hugged her thigh.

As soon as Ellie looked down, she saw Elain holding her. She then immediately forgot what she wanted to ask Francis.

Ellie said with surprise, "Elain, why are you here?"

"Sister Ellie, I missed you," said Elain.

Edmund stood behind Elain and said to Ellie apologetically, "Miss Su, I'm sorry for bothering you and making an unplanned visit. Elain had been crying for several days now. She badly wanted to meet you. And I have to thank you for taking care of Elain a few days ago."

Ellie hugged Elain and said, "Not a problem. I like Elain too!"

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