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   Chapter 410 Abby

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Abby's head lay directly above Ron's chest. She could hear his steady heartbeat, smell his scent mixed with the aroma of alcohol, and feel his warmth underneath his clothes.

Her face burned red as she clumsily got off him. Pulling out her phone, she stepped outside the bedroom and contacted her family to let them know that she was going to stay overnight at her friend's house.

Abby was nervous as she lied to her family. All her life, she had been an obedient girl. But because her family trusted her, they didn't suspect anything, and only told her to take care of herself.

After she hung up, her face burned even hotter, and her limbs felt weak and limp.

This was the first time she had lied to her family.

On the other hand, she couldn't help but think that her little lie was the least of her worries.

Gathering her thoughts, she took a deep breath and went into the bathroom. She took a clean towel and soaked it with water.

Ron had a strong alcohol smell on him, but Abby didn't mind. She took the soaked towel and gently patted it across Ron's face. Then, she took his hands in hers and patted those with the towel as well.

Afterwards, she placed the towel back inside the bathroom, and went back to Ron to remove his shoes. All her actions were so gentle and careful, as if she were handling something incredibly precious.

When she was satisfied, her clothes were damp with her sweat.

She wiped the sweat on her forehead with the back of her hand and looked at Ron. He was sleeping soundly. The sight of him made her heart swell with emotion.

Getting acquainted with him felt like a whole new world opened up for Abby.

With a sigh, Abby got the blanket beside him and tucked him in.

She turned to leave the bedroom, when Ron suddenly reached out his hand and grabbed her wrist.

It seemed as if he was still asleep, or perhaps he was still heavily intoxicated, because he was mumbling something incomprehensible.

He had his eyes closed, but kept mumbling the same word over and over again. Abby leaned in closer, curious to find out what he was saying. However, when she finally heard what he was mumbling, her heart nearly stopped.

That'll make you feel better," she said enthusiastically.

After which, Abby ran out of the bedroom.

Ron wanted to say something to Abby, but she had already gone out the doorway.

Ron's apartment was over a thousand square feet, with two bedrooms, one bathroom and one sitting room. Outside the sitting room, there was a big balcony filled with plants. Ron had grown some plants in it. From his apartment, one could judge that he was a person who knew how to live a quality life.

As the apartment had a simple layout, Abby knew how to navigate around it since she came here last night.

She had prepared the soup after they got back, but because of what happened later, the soup was left in the kitchen untouched.

Abby just need to rewarm the soup and then she could bring it to Ron.

"Have some of this soup. You will feel much better later."

"Thank you."

Ron took the soup bowl from her and drank it slowly.

She just stood there watching him drink the soup. If anyone saw them, they would probably think they were a couple.

Abby suddenly withdrew her eyes when she realized she was lost in her thoughts as she stared at Ron.

"Well, you look okay now. So I'll go back home," she said when Ron finished the soup.

"Let me drive you back," Ron offered hurriedly.

Yesterday she took great effort bringing him back here, so he felt that he should drive her to her home at the very least.

"No, thank you. It's okay."

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