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   Chapter 408 Matchmaker

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She made her way to the bar counter and called the attention of the bartender. "Excuse me. I think you were the one who just called me few minutes ago. I'm Ashley."

The bartender looked at her in surprise.

"You're Ashley?" he said, looking at her from head to toe. He motioned her to follow him. "Come. I'll take you to your boyfriend."

Ashley wanted to protest and explain that Ron wasn't her boyfriend, but the bartender had already turned to leave. She hurried to keep up with him. From time to time, the bartender glanced back at Ashley.

'Such a beautiful girlfriend. It's no wonder...' the bartender thought.

Finally they reached a booth at the corner of the bar. Ron was there drinking wine straight from the bottle. There were already a lot of empty bottles around him.

Beside him, there was a girl wearing a tight, pink dress. She had her hand on his shoulder, her face filled with concern. For a couple of times, she tried to take the bottle of wine from Ron's hand, but failed in doing so.

"Huh, there was no one else here last time I checked," the bartender muttered.

He looked at Ashley, and then back to the other girl.

Before he could say anything else, Ashley was already walking towards Ron. The bartender shrugged and took his leave.

As Ashley neared Ron's table, the girl in the pink dress got up from her chair and stood in her way. "Who're you?" she said warily, a hint of indictment in her tone.

She was like a fierce lioness protecting her helpless cub.

The girl was rather good-looking, Ashley thought to herself.

"I'm Ashley," she said, casting a glance at Ron. "I'm Ron's sister," she added.

"So you're Ashley?" the girl asked in a surprised tone.

Ashley nodded, feeling a bit puzzled. "Well, yes. Is there something wrong? Do you know me from somewhere?"

For a while, the girl, Abby, appeared to hesitate with what she should say.

After giving it some thought, Abby gave a firm nod. "Yes. Lena told me that she had a sister named Ashley."

In fact, Lena also told Abb

Ashley. "So, wait. You two... you're not...?" Abby stammered. "I mean, are you comfortable if I take him home?" she asked, still surprised.

"Of course! Why wouldn't I be?" Ashley gave Abby a firm nod.

Ashley was certain that this girl liked Ron. For the short time they've met, she felt that Abby was a nice girl. What's more, Ashley thought that Abby was just Ron's type. The two would be perfect for each other.

Seeing Abby's confused look, Ashley hastened to comfort her, "Don't worry about it! He won't do anything to you. Ron's a real gentleman!"

"Ah, I wasn't thinking that...." Abby defended, her face blushing heavily.

She looked carefully at Ashley and tried to sort out her thoughts. Finally, she took a deep breath in. "You don't like him, do you?" Abby blurted, unable to hold herself in.

Her question threw Ashley off. She couldn't help but feel relieved, however, that she was only talking to Abby and not to Andrew. That would have been a more complicated conversation.

"No, no. I don't like him that way," Ashley denied, waving her hand in the air. "He's been like a brother to me and he always will be. I have no other special feelings toward him whatsoever. Don't worry about it."

Ashley's reaction made Abby even more puzzled. Although Lena didn't tell her all of the details, Abby was sure that Ron had feelings for Ashley.

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