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   Chapter 406 Exasperating Words

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Upon hearing Ron's words, Ashley snapped back to reality. She could easily tell from Ron's tone that he was a bit disappointed. "No, of course not," she hurriedly denied. "Why would you think that? Where should we meet? I'll be there as soon as I can."

"I'll come pick you up instead," he said as he stood up from his seat. In a matter of seconds, he was able to grab his coat and put it on.

"No, it's fine. I'm already in a car now. I'll just come to you," she replied.

Ron didn't insist any further and promptly gave her the address.

She was familiar with the place Ron gave. It was a Western-styled restaurant that was quite popular and stylish.

After they hung up, Ashley glanced at Josef. She wasn't sure whether or not Andrew had given him instructions to take her nowhere else but her home.

Taking a deep breath, she told Josef the address Ron had given her. He looked at her through the rear view mirror and simply nodded.

Relief washed through her, and she slumped back onto the seat with a sigh.

It was then that she realized she was starting to care more and more about what Andrew might think. Even for something as trivial as going out to meet someone she knew, she felt that she needed to consider how Andrew would react.

'But, then again, this could be a good thing, ' Ashley thought to herself.

With a slight smile, she allowed herself to calm down and admire the city lights outside the window.

Soon enough, the car pulled up in front of the restaurant. Ashley invited Josef to come with her so that he wouldn't have to wait outside for too long. At first, he wanted to refuse, but then he recalled what Johnny told him. He nodded, and got out the car with Ashley.

Upon entering, Ashley scanned the restaurant. In no time at all, she saw Ron. As she expected, Ron was sitting at a table by the window, looking outside. He was wearing a crisp black suit paired with a sharp tie.

Ashley walked over and called him, her tone less warm than she would have used with him before.

Ron looked up, and smiled at her with joy. However, he immediately saw Josef following close behind her, and the smile on his face slowly wavered.

As some guy working for Andrew, Josef's look wasn't at all that bad. Although he was only wearing a casual outfit, he had quite an eye-catching face. On top of that, he was over six feet tall, making hi

thought, her chin resting on her hands. All she could think about at the moment was what Josef had just said. 'Ron has a crush on me?

How could that be possible?'

But when she thought of how Ron treated her, it seemed to go beyond the relationship of brother and sister.

It was overwhelming for her, and she started to feel dizzy as she helplessly tried to sort out her thoughts.

'This is really annoying. Maybe I'd better keep some distance from Ron. It's not a big deal.'

Ron came back and sat down. He had composed himself, and was back to his normal, gentle demeanor as if nothing had happened earlier.

On the other hand, Ashley carefully observed Ron, not being able to dismiss Josef's confession.

"Is there anything on my face?" Ron asked with a smile.

Ashley must have been staring at him too long, much too lost in her own thoughts.

"Ah?" Ashley asked with puzzlement.

"Why are you staring at me like that?"

Ashley drew back her gaze, blushed. "No. I haven't seen you for quite a long time. I just wanted to look at you. Is that so wrong?"

Ron was pleased to hear her answer. "No, of course not. You can watch me as long as you like.

So, what do you want to order for dinner?" he said cheerfully.

"No, thank you. I'll go back home to have dinner. What did you want to tell me?" Ashley replied.

Ron clenched his fists under the table. The veins on his hands pulsated out of frustration. However, his face did not give any hints as to how he really felt. "Do you really hate me so much that you can't even bear to spend a minute with me?"

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