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   Chapter 405 A Gift For You

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Upon seeing Angelina, Belinda smiled at her tenderly. "Hey, what's the matter?" she asked, "Do you need something?"

Angelina saw Belinda's kind and gentle demeanor. At that moment, it was as if Belinda had no one but Angelina in her heart.

Because of this, Angelina couldn't help but feel guilty. There was nothing more that she wanted than to tell her the truth. But now that she finally had her chance, she couldn't bring herself to do it. Her hands clenched into fists at her side.


I can't do it!

If I leave, Belinda's heart would break.

I can't tell her what happened...for her own sake.

When the real Camelia comes back, I'll make sure everything goes back to the way it should be. Only then will I confess.'

But, in her heart, Angelina wasn't sure when that would ever happen. On top of that, she was slowly getting used to such a luxurious lifestyle. It would be even harder to give up her identity to the real Camelia when she came back.

"Mom, I have something to tell you," Angelina finally said with a nod.

Her tone worried Belinda. She pulled Angelina to sit beside her. She shot a worried glance at Martin before finally turning to look at Angelina. "Angelina, you can tell us anything. We're family after all," Belinda said warmly.

Martin put down the newspaper he was reading and looked at the two women. "Angelina, come on. Tell us what you're thinking about. Don't be afraid," he said.

As Angelina looked at them, she suddenly felt a lot more comfortable, and that it wouldn't be that difficult to tell them what she was currently thinking. "Mom, I want to talk to you about the thing you told me earlier."

"Are you referring to the party?"


"Okay. If you have anything special in mind, you can just tell me. It's good that you have your own ideas for your party. When do you want to throw it? I'll take care of everything."

As Belinda spoke, she was already thinking about who she would invite.

No one else came into mind aside from the Lu family and the Feng family. It was probably because she had left the social circle of J City for far too long. As a result, she didn't know any other rich and prominent families in the city.

"Mom, no," Angelina said. "What I really wanted to say is...I don't want to throw a party. I don't want to meet that many people."

Angelina's voice trailed off as she lowered her head, feeling quite shy and embarrassed.

f work?" he asked, his voice sweet as honey.

"Yes. I'm actually heading home right now. What's the matter, Ron?" Ashley replied.

"Nothing's the matter," Ron said, pouting a bit in disappointment. "Can't I call you anymore just because I want to?"

"No, no. I'm sorry. I'm being rude," said Ashley.

Back then, Ashley didn't really notice anything wrong whenever Ron said her name, but now it was so awkward for her to hear him talk so sweetly.

It was, she thought, all because of Andrew. Ron talked to her with the same gentleness and affection as Andrew.

Subconsciously, she felt that it wasn't right for another person to use that kind of tone with her.

Andrew was the only one who could do that, and, frankly speaking, he was the only one Ashley wanted to speak to her that way.

After a while, she snapped out of her thoughts.

'Oh, gosh. What am I even thinking?' she thought to herself, blushing deeply.

"Ashley, do you have some time to spare right now? I have something that I wanted to give you," Ron said.

Ashley wanted to say no, as she didn't want to get too close with Ron and lead him on.

For a while, Ashley stayed quiet. They had known each other for so long. This was the first time Ashley seemed reluctant to see or talk to Ron. At the moment, Ron couldn't imagine what she could possibly be thinking about.

His lips twisted with bitterness. He could feel that Ashley was reluctant to meet with him.

However, he managed to set aside his disappointment. "Now, you don't even want to see me, do you, Ashley?" he said with a smile. "Is it because of Lena, perhaps?"

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