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   Chapter 404 Announcing Angelina’s Identity

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Moreover, Jeremy was afraid that Martin and Belinda would get angry when they saw him.

So, after Jeremy took over the company, he lived in the office. But when his sister had finally been found, their family was reunited.

Belinda took Angelina to the third floor and opened the door of a bedroom. "Angelina, look, this is the room that I have set up and decorated for you. What do you think of it? Do you like it?" asked Belinda.

She looked at Angelina and was a little worried that Angelina didn't like the room she had decorated for her.

Angelina looked around. The bedroom was huge, larger than the whole house she had lived before.

There was a bed in the middle of the room. It had a vibrant white and pink color scheme. Angelina knew it was carefully selected. Next to it was a large French window with white curtains.

There was also a bookshelf and a desk. A computer and many valuable cosmetics were on the desk. In the cabinets, there were lots of clothes from famous brands.

In the past, Angelina didn't even dare to think about owning such expensive things. She didn't expect that she would live in a villa and live such a luxurious life.

Angelina looked at Belinda and replied, "Thank you, mother. I like it very much. Thank you for your hard work. You must be exhausted."

Upon hearing Angelina's response, Belinda was smiling from ear to ear. "No, no. I didn't feel tired. I'm happy that you like it," Belinda happily responded.

Belinda smiled and looked at Angelina with gentle and caring eyes.

'I finally found my Camelia. We can live happily in the future, ' thought Belinda.

"The room next to yours is your brother's. You can go and find your brother if there is anything you need," said Belinda.

"Okay," said Angelina.

There was a study and two bedrooms on the third floor. One of the bedrooms was Angelina's and the other was Jeremy's. The study also belonged to Jeremy. Angelina's study was in her room.

Belinda and Martin's bedroom and study were on the second floor.

There were balconies on both the second and the third floors. The balconies also covered a large space. They could raise some plants on it and lie down on the chaise lounges to bask themselves in the warm sun. Anyone would feel very comfortable.

As for the first floor, there was a living room, a kitchen, and some rooms for guests.

Gus us

t? Will there be many people from the high class coming?

I can get to know a few more rich people, '

Angelina happily thought. She smiled softly at Belinda and replied, "Mother, I think it's a good idea."

"That's good. I just came to ask for your opinion. If you don't agree, then we won't hold the banquet. If you agree, then we will do it. Everything depends on you.

Well, I'm sorry for bothering you. You can take a rest now. I'll go ahead with it and prepare everything for the banquet," said Belinda.

"Okay," said Angelina.

After Belinda left, Angelina lay down on her bed again.

'I feel so good!

Now, I'm no longer an orphan adopted by the Li family but a member of the Gu family!' Angelina gushed at her newfound fortune.

Later, she suddenly thought of something and sat up from the bed.

'What did mother say?

She said she would hold a banquet to announce my identity.

No, she can't do this, ' Angelina thought to herself.

Angelina knew who she was more clearly than anyone.

'If they announce my identity in public, everyone will know who I am.

If they find out that I'm not their actual daughter, I may become the laughing stock, ' Angelina thought nervously.

She hurriedly ran downstairs and wanted to go back home.

When she ran to the first floor, she found that Belinda and Martin were both staring at her. She came to her senses. 'This is my home. Why did I want to run outside?' Angelina thought to herself.

Angelina stood still there for a while, thought about what she should say, and then walked towards Belinda.

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