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   Chapter 403 An Archetype For Romantic Novels

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 6940

Updated: 2019-12-18 00:03

"Mrs. Lu has given me five million dollars, asking me to leave you..."

Before Ashley could even finish talking, she found Andrew hugging her tightly, as if he was scared she would leave him right away.

Ashley tried to rid herself of his grip, thinking to herself, 'I have told you I won't leave you. Don't you believe me?'

"Andy...don't hold me that tightly. I'm almost out of breath!" she said.

Hearing her words and seeing that she was uncomfortable, Andrew loosened his embrace, but did not let go.

She felt much better than before.

She hugged him back now, gently snuggling in his arms. "Let me finish... I won't ever leave you... Listen to me, okay?"

Andrew held her tightly, but not as much as before. He seemed to have calmed down.

Ashley continued, "I have accepted the money she has offered..."

Andrew's body went stiff. He pulled himself back and looked at her, stunned.

Ashley gently patted his back to comfort him. "But I don't plan to leave you. It doesn't matter if I accept the money or not. You have worked so hard. It is because of your hard work that she is able to give away this money!"

She smiled cockily and winked at him playfully.

Andrew now understood what Ashley had done. He rubbed her hair looking at her lovingly. 'How lovely and considerate my wife is!' he thought.

"But Ashley...if you need money you can always ask me. Why do you want to accept their money?" asked Andrew.

He was still a little upset.

Ashley chuckled and said, "Okay."

" you think we should have a baby?" asked Andrew, out of nowhere.

Ashley was taken aback. Puzzled, she asked, "Why? Why suddenly? Didn't you say we'd better enjoy our romantic life for a few years?"

Andrew held her hands, keeping quiet. He actually hated children. If they had a baby, Ashley would definitely pay all her attention to it, and wouldn't care much about him.

But he didn't have any other choice right now. He wanted to have a baby so as to tie Ashley to himself. After having a child, Ashley would be more concerned about th


If he is from a rich family, why would he choose an ordinary girl? If he doesn't love her deeply, he is bound to give in to his family's pressures. What do you think? Will he choose the girl or his family's wealth? Will he choose to live a mundane or luxurious life?"

Ashley had no trouble answering. "He will certainly choose..."

"That's right," Amaia interrupted. "You aren't that stupid after all," she added jokingly.

Ashley was surprised by her words.

But she really had nothing to say.

"How are you so wise?" asked Ashley curiously.

"It's such a common plot! Almost an archetype for romantic novels!" said Amaia, rolling her eyes.

Ashley really admired her ability to be able to think so clearly.

But her situation with Andrew fit in the former category. They wouldn't break up easily. The most important thing for her to do now was to raise her standards to Andrew's.

That solution made her feel somewhat better. At least now she knew what was to be done, if not how.

Meanwhile, Belinda and Angelina had gone back to Gus's villa.

Angelina had moved to Gus's villa two days after Belinda went to the Lis' house. Jeremy, who had lived in the company quarters for many years also moved in to live in the villa.

In the past, Jeremy could never forget he had lost his little sister. It seemed like he was finally forgiving himself.

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