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   Chapter 402 Five Million Dollars And Leave Him

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Susie was terrified by Andrew's glare and she couldn't say a word.

His glare was so intense that she felt her throat being choked and her breaths couldn't reach her lungs.

Susie believed what he said. If she looked to pester Ashley and cause trouble again, Andrew would probably go through with what he threatened to do to her...

Ethan was so angry that he trembled while pointing at Andrew's and Ashley's backs. "That woman! What does she have except for a nice looking face? No social status, no decent family background, how could she hold a candle to Lesley?"

Arya was looking for words that agree with Ethan in order to calm his rising blood pressure.

Ashley was being led by Andrew by her arm as they got out of the house. They didn't waste time and got into the car immediately. Their car sped off as soon as they got in.

Andrew kept clutching Ashley's hand tightly even when they were already on their way home.

Ashley kept her brows furrowed and kept her words to herself.

Johnny was also minding what he was thinking before saying anything. He noticed the atmosphere was abnormal. He kept his mouth shut and just drove the car as fast as he could.

Ashley and Andrew did not move from their places the whole trip. Their hands were locked until they arrived at the villa.

As soon as the car stopped, they got out of the car and Andrew carried Ashley to the villa, leaving Johnny in the driver's seat. He watched them go inside and waited for the thick, tense aura to slowly fade away before letting out a sigh.

Claire saw them enter the villa. She was quick to ask, "Mr. Lu, Miss Mu, have you had dinner... ..."

But Andrew walked past Claire and headed directly towards the stairs.

Claire observed them as they ascended the stairs. 'Did they have a fight again?' she thought to herself.

When they reached their room, Andrew kicked the door open. Ashley's heart had been beating at a rapid pace since Andrew carried her when they got out of the car.

And now she was so scared. She didn't know what was going through Andrew's mind.

As she was feeling light-headed, she felt herself being forcefully thrown onto the bed.

The mattress was very elastic and she bounced into the air after she hit the bed.

But wh

ained graceful as he finished Ashley's scraps. Andrew had the talent to be composed and graceful whatever he was doing regardless of the circumstance.

Now that Ashley's stomach was full and she had some strength, she watched him with a bit of confusion on her mind. "Didn't you eat earlier?"

Andrew raised his head to take a glimpse at her. "No."

The food he brought here was quite a lot, but because both of them were too hungry, they finished it completely. Andrew climbed onto the bed when Claire came up to take the plates and cutlery away.

They cuddled up together on the bed without speaking.

Ashley thought of his uncharacteristic behavior when they were at Ethan and Arya's villa and began to wrap her arms around him in a tight embrace. "I won't leave you under any circumstances. I'll never leave you, unless you don't want me anymore."

Andrew was ecstatic and he replied as he gazed at her, "No, it will never happen. I'll always want you..."

Though he didn't show it earlier, Andrew was quite worried when they met his parents at the villa. Though Ashley said that she loved him and wouldn't leave him, he was afraid that his family would use some scheme to make Ashley leave.

But after hearing Ashley reaffirm her promise, Andrew was overjoyed.

"Well, there is one thing I want to tell you," said Ashley. She was thinking if she should tell him about the five million dollar check she grabbed from Arya.

Andrew was in a very good mood now. So he said, "Okay, I'm all ears."

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