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   Chapter 401 Who Do You Think You Are

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 6964

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"Do you think I'm right, Miss Mu?"

Arya brandished a wicked smirk as she watched Ashley.

'So what she meant is that Andrew neither loves me nor even likes me? It is just a crush?'

Ashley smiled meekly at her and replied, "I don't know. All that I know is that I'm happy when I'm with Andy. He is happy too. We're both happy.

As for love or crush, I think if we keep enjoying the relationship, love would blossom between us eventually."

Arya raised her eyebrows. She couldn't believe that Ashley didn't understand the underlying meaning of what she said. 'Is she pretending that she doesn't understand?'

"Miss Mu, you're smart. I guess you should know how to make the correct choice and what is the best for you. Now you've discovered Andrew's identity. Do you think that you and Andrew have common interests or topics when you are together? Will you be useful to Andrew when it comes to helping him develop his company?"

Arya fished in her bag for a check and placed it in front of Ashley. "I think you are wise enough to know what you ought to do now."

Ashley looked at the check and her vision slowly keened in onto the piece of paper.

She put on a smile and stared at Arya. "I don't know what you mean. Could you say it more plainly so that I can be sure that I understand you correctly."

"You really don't know?

This is five million dollars. It should be a lot of money for you, enough for you to spend for the rest of your life. You can take it and leave J City, go wherever you want, do whatever you like. Why should you lose all the forest just for a tree? It makes perfect sense, doesn't it?"

Ashley stared at the check and muttered, "Leave J City?

But I don't want to leave J City. What should I do?"

Ashley's answer struck Arya's nerve. She condescended and forced herself to be nice in talking with Ashley. Arya started to become annoyed at Ashley's ungratefulness.

'Who does she think she is talking to?

She doesn't care about what she is. Except for a pretty face, what else could she have that could match Andrew?'



And even Ashley raised her head to look at Andrew.

"Bastard! A black sheep of the family! You get out of here! And never come back again!" Ethan just came downstairs and heard the last sentence Andrew said. He picked up a cup closest to him and threw it towards Andrew.

Andrew was quick to dodge it and the cup fell onto the floor and landed close to his feet, shattering to pieces.

Andrew pulled Ashley by her arm and headed to the door. Suddenly he thought of something and he turned to say to Ethan, "Ashley is the only woman who can be my wife. As for any other woman, if you like her, you can marry her yourself. And one more thing, don't call me ever again."

After saying that, he and Ashley went out of the door without looking back.

It was the first time Susie heard Andrew so decided and convinced of his words and actions. And it was all because of Ashley.

"I'm really pissed off! This bastard!" Ethan wheezed heavily while watching Andrew and Ashley disappear in the distance.

Arya hurried to his side to support him. "Okay, Ethan, don't get mad. You can't get angry. Your heart has problems. Whatever happens, you can't risk your health."

"Don't get mad! Andrew has been coaxed by a witch! He is so smart. He'll realize his mistake in the future and come running back to us." Arya stroked Ethan's back to help him calm down and catch his breath.

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