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   Chapter 400 Ignore Them

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To say that Ashley wasn't nervous would be a lie. She did that wish Andrew's family could accept her.

But when she noticed that Ethan couldn't conceal his disgust towards her, her heart became heavy.

Susie gloated as she watched Ashley.

'So you think you have everything once you and my brother are together? I'm going to see how long you can stand being by his side.

Lesley is the only one who should be my brother's wife and my future sister-in-law, and no one else.'

Ethan gave a quick glance at Ashley and immediately averted his eyes. He then looked at Andrew and asked, "Is this the woman you married?"

Andrew's eyes were glued to Ethan, and he showed no emotions that should be seen between father and son. "Watch your language. Show some respect to my wife. I married her, and only she can be my wife."



You come with me!"

Ethan disdainfully stared at Ashley and then ordered Andrew.

Ashley's grip on Andrew's hand was more intense.

She didn't want Andrew to leave her. She didn't want to stay here alone. All the people here seemed to hate her. They were hostile to her and couldn't fathom the thought of Andrew marrying such a woman. 'Can we leave this place?' she pleaded deep within her thoughts.

Andrew of course knew what she was thinking about, but it wasn't the time for them to leave.

He had to settle this matter with his family. Ashley was the only woman he would accept to share his life with, in this world.

Andrew acted as if the other people didn't exist at all. He looked as if he was at his own home. He leaned close to Ashley and said, "Don't be scared. Ignore what they say. We'll be back home in a while."

Ethan became even more furious at the sight of Andrew acting that way. "Don't waste time. Come with me."

After Ethan and Andrew were out of sight, Ashley looked at the lady who was sitting on the couch with Susie. She then looked down at the floor and pretended that they were not there.

Seeing her brother leave, Susie couldn't behave herself anymore. She focused on Ashley and sarcastically blurted out, "Ashley, you are one crafty girl. You achieved your goal of marrying my brother. You

How did she get to know Andrew? Ashley didn't know how to answer this question.

If it wasn't for Peggy's maltreatment of her, she probably wouldn't have met Andrew.

God knows that she was indifferent to her marriage at the very beginning. But it slowly developed into what it was now.

Seeing Ashley keep silent, Susie couldn't conceal her contempt. She couldn't help but cry out, "How did she get to know Andrew? Of course by shameless scheming, stalking and seducing him. Otherwise Andrew wouldn't have been so enamored by her."


Arya yelled at Susie with resignation. "If you keep acting this way, you'd better go back to your own room."

"I'm telling the truth. All right. I won't say anything anymore. Not a word," Susie reluctantly replied.

"Andrew didn't like to hang out with girls since he was a child. After he grew up, we haven't seen any woman around him. We even worried that he was..." Arya chuckled and then continued, "We didn't expect that he has the eyes for picking women."

Ashley didn't say anything but just quietly listened to Arya. She knew that Arya should have something more to say besides what she was saying.

She hadn't gotten to her point yet.

"Andrew knew nothing about women since he didn't show any signs that he was interested in them. So when he had a crush on a woman for the first time, he thought he loved her. But how can he tell that it is love? Or if it is just a momentary fixation?"

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