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   Chapter 399 Everything Has Come To Light

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 7573

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Ethan felt much better at the sight of her daughter. He almost wanted to burst into laughter hearing what she said.

But he pulled a long face on purpose and said, "Who on their right mind would dare bully me? And how can you get back at them?"

Susie sat down by his side, clung to his arm and playfully replied, "Dad, can't you pretend to believe me for once?"

"Bad girl!" Ethan remarked.

"Susie, you said that your brother is now together with a woman. Do you know when they became a couple?"

"I don't know exactly. It seemed that she has been there since the last time I went to Andrew's villa. And Andrew treated me horribly because of her. I guess she has been there for two or three months.

I think that's it, Dad," Susie replied.

Upon hearing Susie's report on Andrew, Ethan slowly began to scowl and his eyebrows began to furrow. He seemed to be scheming something in his mind as he turned to order Arya, "You call that bastard and tell him to come here, now! You tell him that I have something important to talk to him about. He has to come immediately."

Arya nodded and did her best to soothe the flustered Ethan. She then proceeded to make the call.

Susie was curious. 'What on earth could make Dad so furious?'

"Are you alright, Dad? Is something the matter? Why do you want Andrew to come back?" asked Susie.

"Your brother married the woman you mentioned!"

Originally, Ethan didn't want to interfere with this kind of matter, but the last time when Lesley's father came to ask him about Andrew, he had promised him that Andrew wasn't seeing someone and he couldn't possibly be married.

But now Susie ran into that woman more than once when she went to see Andrew. Andrew even chose to side with the woman over his own sister.

Ethan had sensed that something was wrong. So earlier today when Susie told him about what happened between her and Andrew, he asked somebody to dig up some dirt about Ashley. To his surprise, he quickly received the information he was searching for.

He could allow Andrew to have as many women as he liked, and he could adore his women as much as he liked, but he couldn't behave the way he did, especially towards his own flesh and blood, just because he adored his woman. And

twenty servants stood steadfast and were hard to ignore.

Ashley's eyes were transfixed at the scene as soon as she stepped out of the car.

Before she could think of anything, Andrew grabbed her hand and guided her to the direction of the door.

"Hello, Mr. Lu."

The poised servants bowed deeply and greeted Andrew as he and Ashley walked past them.

Andrew faintly replied to them and then continued to head to the door.

Ashley began to feel nervous. 'Where is this place?

The Lu family?

Is it Andrew's home?

Are Andrew's parents here?

Will they be as easy to get along with as Andrew's grandpa?'

Within a few seconds, she had already pictured the possible scenarios in her mind.

Andrew seemed to sense her uneasiness, he grabbed her hand a little tighter, as if telling her not to worry.

Ashley turned to give him a glance. 'Okay, I'm not worried as long as you're beside me.'

As soon as they went inside, they saw three people sitting on the couches.

A middle-aged man, whose features resembled Andrew to some degree, stared at Ashley and was visibly displeased, thanks to his furrowed brow and flaring nostrils. He moved his eyes away soon.

A middle-aged woman was also seated on the couch. Her pristine face looked like a lot of effort was given to ensure that her beauty remained intact. This made guessing her age a difficult thing to accomplish.

And the last person, a young lady, was someone Ashley couldn't be more familiar with. It was Susie.

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