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   Chapter 398 You Are So Smart

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Angelina took fancy of a dress the moment she laid her eyes on it. She couldn't help but reach out to feel it. It was cool but smooth to the touch. She wondered what material it was made of since she thought that it would be particularly comfortable once worn.

She was about to ask the saleswoman to take it down so she could try it when the saleswoman behind Susie approached her. "I suggest that you keep away from the clothes lest they get damaged. All the clothes here are priced 10, 000 dollars or more a piece. If it gets damaged, will you be able to afford it?"

Angelina quickly understood that the saleswoman was looking down on her.

Before Angelina could say anything, Susie came in front of her and shielded her. Susie rebuked the saleswoman's attitude, "How could you talk to my sister impertinently? Where did you get the guts? You dare talk to my sister impudently! She came to check out this shop because she thought highly of it. But I see that it only amounts to this kind of service. So disappointing. Since you don't welcome us here, there's no need for us to stay."

The saleswoman was dumbfounded. She didn't expect that the relationship between the two would be so close. Her face paled evidently. She didn't know how to salvage the situation. She bit her lips, not knowing what to say.

She initially thought that she could sell some expensive dresses successfully when she saw Susie enter. She never expected that it would all go down the drain.

Susie held Angelina's hand to go to a different store but she didn't predict that Angelina wouldn't budge but stopped her from leaving.

She slowly approached the saleswoman and pointed at the dress she was checking earlier. She ordered the shocked saleswoman indifferently, "Please take the dress down for me." Her frosty gaze narrowed down on the saleswoman.

The saleswoman snapped back to her senses and didn't dare use an impolite tone. She respectfully replied, "Yes, young miss. Please wait a moment."

She then brought the dress with her hands and was ready to help Angelina pack it up.

Seeing it all unfold in front of her eyes, Susie stamped her feet and said, "Angelina, let's go to another store. You don't have to buy this dress. Didn't you see how she treated you badly and mocked you?!"

She was furious!

When the saleswoman touched the dress, Angelina spoke again, "Wait a moment."

At that moment, the saleswoman didn't dare to treat Angelina rudely.

She ask

at they had arrived at the Lu villa. Susie couldn't help but feel unhappy. 'How come we arrived so soon? I still wanted to spend more time with Jeremy, ' she thought.

Still, no matter how much she didn't want to get off, she had to. Susie still tried, "Jeremy, Angelina, how about you come in and stay awhile? You can take a break and go home later."

Susie looked at Jeremy and then looked at Angelina. She hoped that they could agree.

"No, thank you. You can go inside now," said Jeremy.

Susie had to look at Angelina again and said, "Angelina."

Angelina smiled at Susie and said, "How about I come here next time? There is something that needs to be dealt with at home today. So, we have to go back early. You must be tired now. I hope you can have a good rest."

Hearing Angelina's words, Susie could only agree.

"Well, I see. Jeremy and Angelina, goodbye! Remember to come here and hang out with me when you have spare time," said Susie.

Susie turned and left towards the villa, her face full of joy. 'Great! It seems Jeremy and I have become a little closer, ' she thought.

When Susie entered the villa, she found that the atmosphere in the living room was somewhat strange.

Ethan and Arya were sitting on the sofa. Ethan's face was gloomy. Arya was sitting next to Ethan and kept silent.

'What happened? I just went out for an entire afternoon and then I come back to see this? Why are they so upset?' Susie thought.

Seeing that Arya tipped her a wink, Susie sat down by Ethan's side and said, "Father, what's wrong with you? Who made you angry? You can tell me. I will help you get back at whoever it is!"

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