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   Chapter 397 Shopping Together

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 7926

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'Who's this woman? Why would Jeremy go shopping with her? He's even carrying the shopping bags for her! Why is he treating her exceptionally well? Even after all the times I've tried asking him, he has never gone shopping with me!

Oh, gosh. No! Never! I'll never let this be!

Jeremy belongs to me alone! He's mine!'

Susie ran over to Jeremy and held his hand. "Jeremy! What a coincidence! Are you out to shop for clothes too?"

In front of Jeremy, she acted cute and dainty, similar to an innocent little girl.

However, in contrast to her enthusiasm that she displayed, Jeremy gave off a rather cold and calm vibe. Without much reaction to her eagerness, he stared at the hand that gripped tightly to his, much to his dismay. He withdrew his hand from hers callously and mildly responded, "Hi, Miss Lu." The indifference in his tone was apparent.

From that, she understood Jeremy's intention to draw a line between them, which made her extremely displeased. Irritation leaked from her eyes as she glared daggers at the woman beside Jeremy. Still, it only lasted for less than a second. She couldn't let him see an undesirable trait.

'Why would he treat me like this? Is it because he's with this woman now?

Why are there so many women that covet him?'

She couldn't give him up. She tried to cling to his arm this time and inquired coquettishly, "Jeremy, who is she?" Ever since she ran over to Jeremy's side, she never bothered to even take a glance at Angelina beside him.

In her heart, she already assumed that she was only trying to seduce Jeremy. But, she wouldn't let that happen! 'He will never be yours!'

Jeremy only belonged to her!

Under Susie's unrelenting persistence, Jeremy furrowed his brows in annoyance. He didn't expect Susie to continue her prattling and stuck to him even after all that he did earlier. His tone became harsh as he berated, "Miss Lu, I'm shopping with my sister. Please let go of my arm. If there's nothing else, we'll go ahead."

To be honest, Jeremy never liked Susie. And he would definitely not fall in love with her. Whether it was for now or in the future, neither of them will have connections

Not to mention, Susie was the half-sister of his good friend, Andrew. Simply because of her spoiled disposition, Jeremy disliked her.

Angelina had watched enough of the show silently on the

at ease going shopping with a girl instead of a guy.

All women in the world enjoyed shopping. Angelina particularly enjoyed it too. Whether it's for clothes, cosmetics, or anything else, it was fun for her.

She gazed at Susie as she remembered the impression she first encountered. Susie had the image of a spoiled rich girl who was aggressive and liked to fight. She didn't favor her very much because of it but it wouldn't stop her from shopping together.

Besides, this spoiled rich girl had an eye for shopping. After all, she had experience, either by special training or by practicing countless times. She knew what was a good buy or not.

It was more than natural for the girls of rich families to have this expertise. Otherwise, how could they appear stunning and gorgeous in front of other people?

They went over to a luxury store and as soon as they stepped inside, the shop assistant greeted them courteously.

The assistant had worked in the industry for a long time and had the experience that could tell the value of the customer's outfit from just a glance. She knew which customers she should pay most attention to and assist politely.

Susie was wearing expensive branded outfit, while Angelina's dress was unbranded and probably came from the flea market.

So all her attention was on Susie and she went all out to introduce the clothes to her, while Angelina was totally ignored.

Angelina didn't care much about it. It was temporary after all.

She was the daughter of the Gu family. Nobody would treat her like that in the future.

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