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   Chapter 396 Getting Closer

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Ethan never cared about Andrew.

He was aware that his son never had any affection for his new wife, Arya, nor their daughter, Susie. Andrew had always felt that he was never liked by his father and he completely stopped caring ever since his mother left.

Although it would be strange to be close to his family, Andrew had tolerated them. After all, he never did anything to ruin them.

"He won't allow me to go to the company anymore, but he has employed that woman who seduced him!" Susie's eyes were red as she talked to her father. Seeing her daughter like this made Ethan more furious.

"How stupid could that boy get?" Ethan blurted, gritting his teeth.

"Andrew must have been really helpless," Arya tried calming her husband down. "It must have been that woman's fault. He had never had a girlfriend before. She must have seduced him so easily, just as Susie said." She treaded word after word, trying to ease the tension. "Once he finally marries Lesley, everything will be fine.

He's thirty, it's the perfect time for marriage."

Ethan was about to say something when Susie interrupted, "Mom, Dad, you would be surprised when you see how well Andrew treated that woman! When I went to the resort a few days ago, the one who hit me was a friend of hers." She looked at her parents in desolation.

Ethan pondered for a long while. "That woman sure is shrewd to make Andrew grant her a job. I'll have everything about her checked. I have to know what kind of woman could possibly seduce him like this!"

Arya didn't speak. She seldom took a hand on matters about Andrew in front of Ethan.

When she was finally alone with her daughter, Arya held Susie's hand. "I heard that the young daughter

d Jeremy, full of respect.

When Jeremy called her to tell her they were going to buy clothes, Angelina was stunned for a while. She couldn't help but feel a little nervous.

She would have felt more at ease if she was by herself.

She wouldn't have to pay attention to her manners if Jeremy was not with her.

"Don't worry, I really planned to go shopping with you today," Jeremy smiled. "What kinds of clothes do you like? Go and try them on." Jeremy's voice was tender.

Jeremy's gentle smile made Angelina more distressed. Finally, she nodded and agreed.

Meanwhile, Susie walked out of a clothing store.

With the man's back turned against her, Susie wondered whether it was really Jeremy.

She decided it was impossible, thinking Jeremy should be working at this time. After all, Jeremy wouldn't have any spare time to go shopping especially with a woman.

In her thoughts, Susie continued gazing at the man to confirm his identity.

Suddenly, her jaw dropped.

Indeed, it was Jeremy. He was there.

Susie walked briskly into the pair's direction to greet him. Her expression changed as she saw who he was with.

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