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   Chapter 395 Johnny Had A Girlfriend

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In fact, Andrew had planned it before. But he knew that Ashley would definitely disagree. It was a good thing that Ashley agreed to work in the Lu Group.

However, Andrew really wanted Ashley to walk by his side after the previous confrontation. This way, no one would dare bully or take advantage of her.


Ashley looked at Andrew and continued to say, "I'm satisfied with my job now. Don't transfer me to another department. Others have been unhappy that I got to work here already. And you want me to be transferred to work directly under you. Do you want people all over the company to know that I can only work here because of your support?"

Sure enough, after hearing the offer, Ashley immediately refused Andrew's offer.

Andrew wanted to let everyone in the company know about their relationship. But Ashley never gave him such an opportunity.

"How are you feeling? Is your head still aching?" asked Andrew.

He remembered Susie pulling Ashley's hair when he arrived and Susie had torn off some clumps of her locks.

Before Ashley replied, Andrew frowned and remarked, "You have to take it seriously. I think I'd better ask Francis to come here to see if there is anything wrong."

Andrew then took out his mobile phone and was about to call Francis but was quickly stopped by Ashley. "No, I am fine. I just lost a few strands. Don't worry."

Ashley thought that Andrew was making quite a fuss over her losing a few locks of her hair. She thought that he didn't need to call Francis since Francis wasn't omnipotent.

Later, she thought of Johnny's words. Johnny told her that Andrew immediately came to look for her as soon as he heard about the commotion earlier.

'That meeting could have been very important, ' mused Ashley.

She then said, "Weren't you in a meeting earlier? Go ahead. Don't make them wait for you any longer. I'll head back to my desk and continue with my work." After saying that, she turned around and left.

Andrew looked at Ashley's fading silhouette and complained about Johnny in his thoughts. 'Johnny is a real tattletale. I wanted to ta

son, and Susie was her only daughter. At that time, Andrew held a considerable position in the company. Arya hoped that the relationship between Susie and Andrew could be closer.

In reality, Arya was very capable. She only gave birth to a daughter, but Ethan still listened to her.

"Mother…" Susie cried to Arya with a tearful voice upon seeing her. She thought of the grievances that she had suffered in the company and her eyes were on the verge of letting out a torrent of tears from the ridicule and embarrassment.

It seemed that she was on the verge of breaking down.

"Well, what's wrong with you? Why are you crying? Susie, what happened? Who bullied you?" Arya asked softly upon seeing her daughter on the brink of sobbing uncontrollably. She was so anxious that she immediately walked over to Susie.

"Mother, I went to the company to find Andrew. But instead, I saw that bitch. She is also working there. And Andrew helped her get the best of me."

Susie looked at Arya and burst into tears.

"What did you say?" Ethan, who was behind Arya, angrily responded before Arya could say anything.

Susie looked at Ethan and sunk deeper into her sad situation. She said, "Father…"

"Don't cry. My dear daughter, tell me, what's wrong? Has your brother bullied you?"

Susie was born when Ethan was already at an older age. As a result, he spoiled Susie ever since she was a child.

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