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   Chapter 394 Let Go Of Her

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Susie didn't notice that someone had approached from behind. She raised her hand, pulling Ashley's hair with another hand, and was about to give her a slap on the face.

She totally forgot about Andrew's warning and how Andrew adored Ashley.

As Susie positioned her hand mid-air and Ashley thought she was bound to receive that slap, another hand grasped Susie's wrist and held it in the air.

Susie was excited since she finally got to exact her revenge on Ashley for the humiliation she got last time. However, her moment was interrupted by someone. How could she not get angry?

In her mind, Ellie slapping her was the same as Ashley slapping her. So she had to give her a slap in return. There was nothing wrong about it!

Susie turned her head back with great displeasure. "Who dares lay their hands on me?"

But when she saw who grasped her hand, her cockiness and arrogance disappeared immediately and she turned into a spineless and timid person. She stammered, "An-Andrew, why are you here?"

Andrew didn't reply to her but kept grasping her wrist and stared at her other hand that was grabbing Ashley's hair. He ordered, "Let go of her, now."

The chill in his voice made Susie tremble with fear. She subconsciously released Ashley's hand.

Susie did not show Ashley any mercy when she grabbed her hair. She pulled her hair with so much force that when she let go of it, some hair had been plucked out.

Ashley let out a painful cry.

Her nose and eyes were red as she had to tilt her head in order to talk with Susie.

Seeing some of Ashley's hair on Susie's hand, Andrew's eyes turned darker and colder. The air he carried around him made the staff who were watching take a few steps back.

Andrew wanted to go to Ashley and ask if she was okay, but Ashley stepped backward, as if she knew that Andrew would attend to her. Before he could ask the question, Ashley remarked, "I'm okay, Mr. Lu."

Andrew had to withdraw his hand that was reaching out for her.

He then turned to vent all his anger on Susie. He coldly glared at Susie and his voice was as cold a

ever you were doing. The show's over. Nothing to see here. Are you waiting for the next episode?"

The people dispersed immediately after hearing Johnny's statement.

Johnny weighed the package in his hand and wondered what was inside. 'Why is it so heavy?

Amaia? She is the person who bought it?'

He had vague recollection of her, except that he added her in Wechat. He also chatted with her from time to time.

He sort of remembered that Ashley gave him Amaia's Wechat account and asked him to befriend her.

Johnny frowned as he thought about it. Nevertheless, he went to deliver the package.

Ashley went to Andrew's office. To her surprise, nobody stopped her on her way to his office. The assistants outside the office saw her and just nodded to her and said nothing.

Ashley paused at the door for a while and then knocked on the door.

"Come in."

Hearing the reply, Ashley pushed the door open and walked in.

She was surprised that as soon as she stepped through the door, she bumped into someone. Just as she was about to cry out, she caught a whiff of the familiar fragrance. Ashley closed her mouth as quickly as she could.

She pushed him away and said, "What are you doing? We're at the office. Behave yourself."

"Nobody is here except us," replied Andrew.

He paused for a while, looked at Ashley and said, "How about if I trasnfer you here to work?"

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