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   Chapter 393 The Meeting Was Interrupted

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 5668

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The assistant grew anxious upon hearing this. "But Mr. Lu's in a meeting right now. We can't just go in the conference room."

"You should tell Mr. Cheng at least. Can you tell him?" the staff asked.

"Is it really that urgent?" the assistant asked.

"Yes. Or I wouldn't have come here to tell you in the first place. Before I came here, I thought they were going to fight," the staff said.

"Okay. I'll tell Mr. Cheng," the assistant responded.

He was just one of Andrew's assistants. So, before he went inside the conference room, he took a deep breath.

As he walked, he tried his best to be as quiet as possible as he didn't want to disturb them. The staff seemed to be focused on Andrew as he held the meeting.

He was quite discreet so the meeting went uninterrupted.

He carefully made his way to Johnny who was sitting next to Andrew. Johnny was quite busy with the meeting too.

The assistant approached Johnny and told him everything in a low voice.

Johnny looked at the assistant and frowned. "Miss Lu's here?"

The assistant nodded. "Yes, she's here. I don't know what's going on but I heard she's fighting with your cousin."

"All right. Thanks. You can leave for now," Johnny said.

Upon hearing this, Johnny was a bit stunned. 'Susie's here? She seldom comes here and she's fighting with Miss Mu?

Susie probably started it. Miss Mu isn't the type who does something like that, ' he thought to himself.

Johnny looked at Andrew who was presiding the meeting. At that moment, Andrew was sitting on his chair. He was wearing a black suit that flattered him well. He looked handsome but he had that indifferent look on his face like he alway

ulling on her hair so hard but she decided she wasn't going to fight back.

However, upon the mention of Lesley and being called a mistress, Ashley let out a chuckle.

Susie glared at Ashley and asked, "Why are you laughing?"

Ashley stood her ground. "Why am I laughing? Did you just call me a mistress? Are you really going to push Lesley on Andrew?

When I met Andrew, they weren't together. How dare you call me a mistress! Lesley's the perfect girl for your brother? Then why isn't he in love with her? Did you say they were engaged? Do you have any proof?"

Ashley didn't bother to mention that she and Andrew were already married. If anyone was a mistress, it was Lesley.

Susie was too angry to say anything.

Susie's cheeks were flushed. "It's only because you seduced my brother. If you hadn't done that then maybe he would be with Lesley!"

Ashley snorted in response.

Susie only grew furious when she saw the look on Ashley's face. 'What's that look for? It's true! You just seduced my brother! How dare you talk about Lesley like that? I'm going to make you pay for that!' she thought to herself.

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