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   Chapter 391 Turning The Kitchen Into A Ruin

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"Yes. I can be assured now. It will be better if I can have a great-grandson soon. Then, I'll be more relieved and contented."

Porter drew back his lips as he grinned and said, "You're right, Mr. Lu. You can be at ease that Mrs. Ashley will be able to give birth to a great-grandson for you."

After they returned to the villa, Ashley and Andrew spent the entire afternoon in the there.

They were going to work the next day.

A faint afterglow escaped from in-between the curtains. The aroma of the food prepared by Ashley drifted through the air while a warm atmosphere enveloped the two as they had their dinner. After she took her shower, Ashley remembered Amaia asking to be taught how to cook.

The light from the chatbox glowed against her face as she pondered over which recipe would be easy enough for a beginner. It wasn't too long before she settled for scrambled eggs with tomatoes. A simple, light, and hearty dish.

Amaia had never tried to cook anything before. And so, Ashley wrote down everything clearly. She included the necessary ingredients and even a step by step procedure. It was detailed to how much oil to use and how much salt to add.

Ashley made sure nothing was missing and confirmed all the details before she sent it to Amaia.

Amaia quickly replied to her with a question mark.

"Didn't you mention it before? About how you wanted to learn how to cook? I wrote down the ingredients you needed and the instructions how to actually cook it. Just do it as I've written."

"Okay," said Amaia.

After a while, no messages came from Amaia. She must have followed Ashley's advice down to a tee.

Without much thought, Ashley logged in to her Weibo and browsed through it.

As Ashley laughed her heart out from watching hilarious videos, a message finally came from Amaia.

Ashley immediately stopped browsing Weibo and instantly opened her WeChat.

Amaia had sent her a photo.

Ashley wondered if Amaia had finished cooking.

'It seems that Amaia has a knack in cooking, ' surmised Ashley. When her eyes laid on the photo, she realized she overestimated her good friend's skill.

A single photo grabbed the attention of her curious eyes. A kitchen. It was a photo of a kitchen. However, the said kitchen seemed to have changed and was beyond recognition.

Well, almost beyond recognition. If it wasn't for the cooking utensils she reco

even make scrambled eggs." She not only hadn't cooked well, she also almost completely destroyed the kitchen.

Ashley breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing her reply. At first, she was worried when she heard the first part of what Amaia said. It turns out, she was only upset due to her failed attempt at cooking as well as the part where she turned the kitchen into ruins.

"Don't fret about it too much. It was, after all, the first time you've attempted to cook. And, you did it all by yourself. So, it's alright. Sometimes, we need to experience failure so that we can learn to adapt and try out something different. Next time, I'll teach you myself. I'll be by your side the whole time," comforted Ashley.

She looked at Ashley with doubt and asked, "Really?"

Ashley nodded and said, "Yes. What I said is true."

"Okay," said Amaia.

Amaia then asked curiously, "Well, Ashley, was it the same when you first cooked?"

The question stunned her briefly that she wasn't able to immediately respond.

When she came back to her senses, she gave a roundabout answer.

Ashley didn't want to upset Amaia. The truth was she did a great job when she cooked for the first time.

Because of the circumstances in her family, she had learned to do a lot of things when she was a child due to necessity, which included cooking. She was a fast learner. She had to be.

However, Amaia interpreted Ashley's inability to respond immediately as hesitation.

Amaia looked at Ashley straight in the eyes and smiled, "Were you the same when you first cooked that you also ruined your kitchen?"

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