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   Chapter 390 Too Precious

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Ashley tugged at her shirt and slowly walked over to Andrew. She opened her mouth to say something to him, but her words seemed to elude her.

Andrew sat on the bed with a hair dryer in his hand. There was a small stool in front of him. He prepared it to help Ashley dry her hair.

Ashley sat on the stool. Although she had lightly wiped her hair with the towel before she walked out of the bathroom, the tips of her hair were still wet. After she stood there for a while, the back side of her shirt was soaked.

Andrew calmly looked away. He gently touched Ashley's hair, turned the hair dryer on, and began to dry her hair.

Andrew gently combed through Ashley's hair with his fingers. Her hair was like a piece of silk that glided in and out of Andrew's hand.

Ashley's hair was very supple, like a piece of silk of extremely high quality. For others, the black long straight hair wasn't that appealing. But it suited Ashley.

She pulled off the black hair look pretty well. Ashley was also blessed with nice features.

A good-looking lady would always be beautiful no matter what she wore or what hairstyle she sported.

Ashley felt Andrew gently caressing her hair with his hand, as if he was appraising a valuable treasure using his fingertips.

The air conditioner in the bedroom was on and provided a slightly nippy atmosphere. However, the wind from the hair dryer was warm. This made Ashley's cheeks blush red.

The hair dryer's steady hum bounced around the bedroom.

After he had thoroughly dried Ashley's hair, Andrew turned the hair dryer off.

He continued to caress Ashley's hair. He combed Ashley's long hair with gentle strokes of his fingers and his palm.

Ashley felt Andrew's hands gently running through her hair. The tugging was just right and she felt her eyes slowly close from experiencing such pleasant strokes.

The atmosphere was quiet.

However, Ashley felt a little hot. "Finished?"

Ashley couldn't help but ask Andrew.

He unwillingly let go of Ashley's hair and replied, "Well, your hair is dry now. Come over here and let's sleep."

Andrew put the hair dryer aside and then took Ashley to the bed. She was surprised by Andrew, who suddenly carri

, and it looked magnificent and regal as it rested inside the box.

Ashley knew little about bracelets and jewelry, but she could feel that this bracelet was precious.

She gently closed the box, looked at Chant and said, "Grandfather, it is too precious. I can't accept it."

Chant casually grinned and replied, "Take it. This bracelet was useless when it was placed here. It suits you quite nicely. I have nothing special to give you except for this bracelet."

"Grandfather…" muttered Ashley.

"Well then, head on downstairs. Andy is waiting for you. He must be anxious right now. Besides, Ashley, if he bullies you, you can tell me. I will help you punish him," Chant coyly remarked.

Ashley smiled. 'Andrew won't bully me. He treats me so well, ' she thought to herself.

However, she still nodded. "Okay, grandfather. If he bullies me, I will let you know."

Chant then began to laugh heartily.

After their conversation, Ashley went downstairs with Chant. Andrew walked over to Ashley as soon as he saw her.

Chant felt Andrew was stupid.

"Grandfather, Andy and I have to leave now. You take good care of yourself," Ashley said to Chant.

"Okay. Don't worry about me. It's time to leave," replied Chant.

As Ashley and Andrew's car drove away, Chant sighed until he couldn't see the car in the distance anymore.

"Mr. Lu, let's go back. Now that Mr. Andrew is married and he truly fancies Ms. Ashley, you can rest easy," remarked Porter.

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