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   Chapter 389 Dry Your Hair

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"Miss Mu may not like this style. Moreover, Miss Mu may feel uncomfortable if she wears my pajamas," remarked Bertha.

Andrew nodded and felt what she said was very reasonable.

'I can't make Ashley uncomfortable, ' Andrew muttered to himself.

Since there weren't any suitable pajamas for Ashley, Andrew went back to the bedroom empty-handed.

After Andrew left, Bertha made a sigh of relief and looked at Andrew's silhouette as he returned to his room. She couldn't help but crack a sly grin. 'It seems that Mr. Lu will have a small great-grandson sooner than later, ' she mused.

There were quite a lot of servants in the villa, and some of them were young. Surely, at least one of them must have some pajamas that Ashley would like.

However, a few days ago, Chant gave most of the servants a few days off. Only Bertha and Porter were left in the villa. It seemed as if he knew that Andrew would spend the weekend here.

Ashley was sitting on the bed at that time. She looked at the door of the bedroom from time to time, for fear of missing Andrew's figure.

'How will Andrew ask?

Will Bertha have some extra pajamas?' Ashley thought to herself nervously.

Finally, the door of the bedroom slowly opened, and Andrew came into Ashley gaze of the doorway.

Ashley immediately ran to him. She was worried about the pajamas. She was so shy that she didn't want to be made fun of, by Bertha and was worried that Andrew might not know how to ask her.

"Have you asked Bertha? Does she have some extra pajamas?" asked Ashley.

Andrew bit his lips and said, "No."

"Oh?" Ashley let out a defeated sigh. 'I guess I won't be taking a shower today.

I feel a little uncomfortable since I have sweated a lot today.

But it seems that I have no choice since I have no pajamas, ' muttered Ashley.

"Well, you can take a shower first," conceded Ashley.

Seeing Ashley so disappointed, Andrew suggested, "How about we go back home now?"

Hearing his words, Ashley looked at Andrew with her eyes wide open. She touched Andrew's forehead gently and said, "You don't have a fever. Why are you talking nonsense?"

Andrew put down Ashley's hand w

hair was still dripping wet. Looking at the shirt which couldn't even cover her thigh, she bit her teeth, finally opened the door and walked out of the bathroom.

Andrew had been paying attention to the noises in the bathroom. When the bathroom door opened, Andrew looked towards the bathroom. Ashley felt his gaze and looked at him subconsciously.

Ashley was shocked and almost wanted to go back to the bathroom.

She couldn't help but clench the doorknob. Before it was completely open, she stopped herself and didn't leave the bathroom.

Ashley tried to maintain a calm look on her face. However, it had another meaning in Andrew's eyes.

Andrew thought Ashley was alluring and attractive.

Ashley had just come out of the bathroom. Her face flushed as if she had applied some blush-on makeup. Her hair was still wet with water dripping onto her face which looked like a ripe peach that people simply wanted to take a bite of.

Moreover, the shirt that she was wearing was too big for her. It was as if a child had worn the clothes of an adult.

But Andrew thought that Ashley was beautiful while donning his shirt.

Her legs which weren't covered were especially attractive.

They were fair and thin.

Andrew's eyes began to swell with passion again. He stopped himself from thinking about those things and looked away. He noticed that Ashley's hair was still wet. Andrew looked at her and said, "Come on. Dry your hair."

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