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   Chapter 388 An Awkward Situation

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Ashley watched the TV drama for a while. She had seen this episode before. Before the heroine showed up, Lisa was the woman the king adored among all of them and the most powerful among the king's wives.

The king of course still had feelings for her, because he just recently met the heroine. The heroine's position couldn't compare to Lisa's standing with the King.

However, Lisa started to feel threatened by her, so she asked the heroine out to the place where the king would pass. There, Lisa would hatch her devious ploy against the heroine.

When the king passed the place, Lisa jumped down the cliff and the heroine was about to save her.

However, the people behind them couldn't see clearly and thought the heroine pushed Lisa down there.

So the king got angry and pushed the heroine to the ground. He then carried Lisa, who had been saved by somebody else, and left. Before he left, he gave a disappointing glance at the heroine and was having none of her explanation.

Ashley also wanted to curse that hero inside her heart. 'That man is blind. Men are all bastards.'

Thinking of Chant's question, Ashley said, "Grandpa, the TV drama has to have such kind of plot, or the story would end very soon and it can't attract any audience. But I think the king is blind too. How could he believe Lisa like that?"

Chant said, "Right. The maid is pitiful. Nobody would believe her now."

Ashley felt awkward. She said inside, 'Grandpa, she would be the queen and the mother of a king later.'

But she had to say Chant was right for the time being.

She watched the TV drama and listened to Chant's chatter. She suddenly felt that Chant was just an ordinary old man and wasn't as serious and formidable as she first saw him.

They exchanged comments about the plot from time to time in the following hour.

And Andrew, who was also present in the room, was totally ignored.

His face looked ugly and as he was going to say something, the TV drama suddenly ended. A torrent of commercials began to fill the room with unwanted noise.

Chant was enjoying the drama so much that he felt quite disappointed that it abruptly ended.

ouldn't subside anymore no matter how hard she tried to compose herself.

She had an impulse to rush out and look for Andrew, but in the end, she let the idea go for reasons unknown.

On the other side, Andrew realized what he had said to her just after he left the bedroom.

It didn't seem appropriate for him to do that.

But he had already left the room and Ashley was waiting for him, so he couldn't care about the embarrassment and headed downstairs to see Bertha.

At this moment he was grateful that he had a poker face all year round. Except for the time when he was with Ashley alone, he never showed to anyone that he had a gentle side. So he put on that poker face again and went to ask Bertha.

Bertha was shocked at his question.

"Miss Mu wants it?" asked Bertha.

Andrew nodded.

"But, I don't have it here. You know that," stammered Bertha.

And she added in her thoughts, 'Even if I do, I can't give it to you.'

They had already been living together. Why didn't Andrew have any experience in this? Bertha was a little worried about Andrew. She didn't want to bother them about the pajamas.

Bertha didn't know that they did have experience. They had already done whatever a married couple would normally do. She didn't have to worry about them at all.

Andrew frowned. He wouldn't give up trying again as he thought of Ashley's expression. So he asked again, "Uh...How about your own pajamas?"

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