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   Chapter 387 Watching TV

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 5875

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Ashley and Andrew walked around outside for a while before returning to the villa.

When Bertha saw them return from their walk, she greeted them, "Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Ashley, you're back! Dinner will be served in a short while. You may clean up first."

Ashley responded, "Okay."

She looked around and noticed that Chant wasn't around. She asked, "Where's Grandfather?"

Bertha replied, "I think Mr. Lu is on the second floor. You can sit while I call him for dinner."

Ashley smiled as she offered, "Bertha, it's fine. You seem very busy. I can tell Grandfather it's time for dinner."

"Okay," Bertha said.

'Wow, Ashley's so considerate, ' she thought to herself.

When Ashley headed upstairs, she realized that she didn't know which was Chant's bedroom.

She turned to ask Andrew for help.

Andrew accompanied her to tell Chant that it was already time for dinner. Andrew and Ashley stood outside the bedroom and knocked on the door.

"Come in," Chant called.

Ashley was a bit surprised by the sound of his voice.

She still couldn't believe that just this afternoon, she had made tea with Chant. She was still so intimidated by him.

Andrew smoothly walked past Ashley as he pushed the door open to Chant's room.

Chant was standing in front of the French window and looking at the plants outside. He had thought it was either Bertha or Porter who had called him for dinner.

He seemed a bit taken aback when he saw that it was Andrew and Ashley who had come.

"What are you doing here?" Chant inquired.

"It's time for dinner," Andrew simply said.

"Okay. Let's go," said Chant.

"Grandfather, let me help you walk downstairs," Ashley offered.

When Chant glanced at Ashley, he noticed how s


The hero was an emperor who had thousands of harems. Until one day, he had met a beautiful and talented woman.

The woman was the heroine, as expected.

The heroine was born in a noble family but their family fortune had declined by the time she was born. Thus, she had to work in the imperial palace as a maid.

When the emperor saw her, he immediately fell in love with her as she was quite a beauty. However, since the palace was littered with harems, they all ganged up on the heroine out of jealousy. The heroine suffered quite a bit throughout the show. In the end, the heroine got a happy ever after with the emperor.

Ashley snuck a peek at Chant who seemed to be quite engrossed in the drama. She realized she needed to get to know him more.

"Hey, Ashley, don't you think that this emperor is stupid? It's so obvious that Lisa jumped on her own and the maid saved her. She's saying it was the maid who had pushed her!"

Chant commented.

Ashley sat between Chant and Andrew so she had a good view of Chant's facial expressions. He seemed to be quite exasperated with the show he was watching.

Ashley hadn't expected this of Chant.

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