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   Chapter 386 Drank A Whole Pot Of Tea

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Ashley complained inside but after taking a glance at the indomitable Chant, she had to concede and accept the task.

'Okay, just do it. There is no other way out.'

She tried to recall each step Chant had done earlier.

First, she picked the tea leaves with the special clips and put them into the porcelain cup. She then waited for the water temperature to simmer down to 70 degrees Celsius. After that, she poured the water into the cup to wash the tea leaves.

Ashley's hand motions were stiff and she almost dropped the tea pot from her hand a couple of times. Luckily, she managed to avoid breaking the tea pot thanks to her quick thinking.

She was very attentive in every step. Nothing else mattered to her at that time, except for the tea set, water and tea leaves. She was laser-focused on what she was doing.

Chant watched her and nodded with satisfaction.

The Lu family didn't need to strengthen its position in the business world through a marriage with a prominent family.

Besides, he himself had a failed marriage. So he hoped Andrew could find somebody he really loved and have a marriage without his partner having ulterior, financial motives.

To his surprise, Andrew has done that.

Thinking of the ridiculous things Andrew's parents had done in front of him, Chant felt sorry for Andrew.

But now everything was good. He had found somebody who could take care of him now. He didn't have to worry about him anymore.

When Andrew got downstairs, he saw a lovely scene.

Ashley knelt on the carpet on the floor. Her hair was let down and was casually bound with a rubber band. She looked natural and youthful. Moreover, she was concentrating on making tea and very careful with whatever was in her hand.

From where Andrew stood, he could see her pale face and serious expression. She pressed her lips tight and looked a little nervous but the motions of her hands were smooth and fluid.

He appreciated her exposed creamy neck, her straightened back and found

hy did you..."

She realized something before she spoke and she turned silent. Her face began to blush again as she watched him drink another pot of tea.

"Don't drink that. I didn't make that tea. Grandpa made it..."

After they went out of the house, a gentle breeze greeted their faces. However, Ashley's face was still flushed red from what happened earlier.

It was about 5 o'clock in the afternoon. In downtown J City, it would still be sunny, but not where they were now. They were at a suburban area and at the top of the mountain. Tall tress blocked the sunshine and cast shades, which made the temperature around the area a bit nippy.

They wandered around, their hands clasped together.

Ashley worriedly looked at Andrew. He had just drunk a whole pot of tea. It was quite a big pot. Would he feel uncomfortable?

After they got outside, Ashley glanced at him from time to time to check if he was okay.

"What?" Andrew asked Ashley. He had noticed Ashley eyes were monitoring him while they were strolling around the suburban area.

"Are you okay?" asked Ashley. Seeing his confused face, she added, "You just drank a whole pot of tea. Are you feeling okay?"

He stroke her head gently and replied, "I'm okay. Don't worry about me."

Upon hearing his comforting response, Ashley breathed a big sigh of relief.

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