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   Chapter 385 Making Tea

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Ashley thought she wouldn't be able to fall asleep because normally, she wouldn't be able to on a bed that she wasn't used to.

When she first moved into the Golden Palace, it also took her a while to get used to the bed there. However, here in Andrew's old room, she fell asleep right away as she snuggled in Andrew's arms.

When she woke up, she felt dizzy probably from sleeping too long.

Andrew was still sleeping so Ashley carefully slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom to wash her face with cold water to collect herself.

When she looked at the time, she found that it was already four in the afternoon. She had slept around 1 p.m. which meant she'd been asleep for hours.

She rubbed her cheeks to get some color in her face then headed downstairs so she could help Bertha prepare dinner.

When she got to the first floor, she found someone sitting on the couch.

Upon looking closer, she realized it was Chant.

When Chant saw her, he waved to her to come over and sit with him. Ashley hesitated for a moment before walking over to him.

Chant saw that she was alone so he asked, "Is he still sleeping?"

Ashley nodded and said, "Yes, Andy's still sleeping. He's probably tired because he's been working so hard lately."

Chant snorted, "You do care about him."

Ashley felt a little embarrassed.

Chant called out to Porter who appeared out of nowhere. "Yes, Master?"

"Please go to the study and bring the tea set here. The porcelain one. Please be careful when you bring it."

"All right," Porter responded.

Chant turned to look at Ashley who was seemingly puzzled. He said, "Didn't you bring me tea? Well, I want to taste it and I want you to make the tea for me."

Ashley was a little uneasy. "Grandpa, I don't know how to make tea."

Chant looked at her as if he was displeased. "It's fine. I can teach you."

Since Chant had gotten older, he only liked two things:


and playing go.

Ashley pressed her

ember all the steps I mentioned?"

Ashley was still a little shaky and she said rather guiltily, "Yes, Grandpa."

Chant poured two cups of tea and placed one in front of Ashley. "Try it."

The tea cup was made of pure white porcelain and the light green tea looked nice in contrast to the white color of the cup.

Ashley picked up the cup carefully. It was still too hot. She blew on it before taking a small sip.

Ashley didn't like tea and normally didn't drink tea. As she took a sip, she tasted bitterness but when she had swallowed it, some sweetness lingered on her tongue.

Porter had tasted the tea too. When he noticed Ashley take two sips, he asked, "How is it?"

Ashley put down the cup and smiled at him sweetly. "It tastes great. I'm so lucky to have the chance to taste the tea made by Grandpa, a tea expert."

"Cut the bullshit. I know you can't taste anything," Chant said.

He had said it with a smile so it was difficult to tell what he really meant.

Ashley stuck out her tongue playfully and smiled. 'Chant is actually quite friendly, ' she thought to herself. Maybe, it wouldn't be too difficult to get along with him after all.

Chant washed the tea set with the hot water carefully again and then he pushed it to Ashley. "Now it's your turn to do it. Make some tea for me."

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