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   Chapter 383 Do You Think I'll Devour Her

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Seeing that Ashley was still trembling, Chant opened his mouth. "Can you play Go?"


Upon hearing the question, Ashley looked at Chant and found out that he was watching her. She quickly drew back her eyes and replied, "Just a little."

"Can you make tea?"

Ashley let out a sigh and honestly replied, "No."

She never had a chance to touch these kinds of things. How could she know the intricate techniques of the tea making ceremony?

And she always spent her spare time on other things. She never thought of learning this skill.

She started to guess what Chant was thinking about.

She became worried that Chant would be unsatisfied with her since she knew nothing about the things he cared about.

Following Chant's order, Andrew went to his study.

But the desk inside the study was clean and tidy, with nothing on it. Where was the calligraphy work Chant mentioned?

He was just looking for an excuse to get him out of his sight.

Andrew felt helpless as he paced around the study before going downstairs.

Inside the living room, Chant was asking questions and Ashley was doing her best to answer as swiftly and politely as possible.

It was like a teacher had singled out one student and was giving the student a graded recitation.

Chant's eyes flashed and he cracked a small grin. He stared at Ashley for a while, pulled a long face and said, "Do I look formidable?"


Of course, how could you not be?'

But she didn't have the guts to say what she was thinking out loud.

She waved her hands hastily and replied, "No, not at all. You're very nice."

"Then why don't you look at me when you talk to me?" asked Chant.

Ashley gave a quick glance at Chant and then lowered her head again. "I..."

Before she could finish her words, she heard footsteps coming from behind.

It was Andrew. He went upstairs to fetch the thing he was asked to, but he came back empty-handed.

He sat down beside Ashley and looked at Chant. "Grandpa, I couldn't find the calligraphy work you mentioned."

Chant reacted naturally without showing any sign that he had p

position. Overall, the white pieces had the upper hand. Meanwhile, the black pieces were a little messy and wrong-footed, but they managed to block all the ways of the white pieces.

So of course Chant now observed her differently.

Just now he asked her if she could play and she said just a little and appeared timid and shy. But based on her performance, she was a natural.

Every time Andrew came to visit, he usually came and left hurriedly, only staying for a short time. Chant couldn't play Go with him to his content. Now it was different. He had company who can play with him.

Chant drew back his eyes and focused on playing the game.

They played for almost one hour until Andrew came up to ask them to go and have lunch. His words seemed to wake them up from a dream.

Ashley shyly smiled at Chant and said, "Grandpa, let's go downstairs and have lunch."

"Okay," said Chant while looking at her.

When they stepped out of the study, Ashley saw Andrew and caught up with him.

Andrew squeezed her hand and asked, "Are you okay?"

Ashley nodded and said, "Sure. Grandpa is very nice."

Chant heard Andrew's words and took a glance at the two of them. He snorted, "For what reason would I bully her?"

And then he ignored Andrew and directly went downstairs.

Ashley became worried. "Andy, is Grandpa getting angry?"

"Never mind him. He'll be okay in a while," replied Andrew.

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