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   Chapter 382 Nervous

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When Ashley and Andrew sat on the sofa, Andrew immediately noticed that Ashley was being stiff. He pinched her hand and asked, "Are you nervous?"

Ashley glared at Andrew and replied, "Yes. This is the first time I'm meeting your grandfather. How could I not be nervous?"

Andrew seemed to be in a more relaxed mood than Ashley.

Andrew comforted Ashley, "Don't worry. They're all very nice."

Soon after, Bertha walked out of the kitchen holding two cups of coffee. She placed them in front of Andrew and Ashley.

"Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Ashley, here's your coffee."

Andrew took the cup of coffee and had a sip.

Ashley seldom drank coffee. As she drank the coffee, she thought it was too bitter and didn't like it.

She noticed how easily Andrew was drinking his coffee and thought if she should be more like that.

'Well, I bet he drinks a lot of coffee that he doesn't mind that it's bitter anymore, ' Ashley thought inwardly.

Bertha, who was standing aside, noticed that Ashley wasn't drinking her coffee. She commented, "Ashley, you don't like the coffee?"

Ashley quickly waved her hands and said, "No, no. I just don't want to drink it right now."

Bertha lightly said, "Mr. Andrew likes his coffee really bitter. Mrs. Ashley, wait here. I prepared a glass of lemonade for you. It's lovely to drink in this weather."

Before Ashley could refuse, Bertha had already run into the kitchen. Not a minute had passed when she came out holding a glass of lemonade. She promptly handed it to Ashley.

The tall, crystal glass contained clear, yellow lemonade with a single lemon inside. It looked extremely enticing to drink.

Ashley picked up the glass and took a sip. It was cool as it had some ice in it and the blend of both sweet and sour was refreshing.

Ashley said softly, "Thank you, Bertha."


, "No special occasion.

Grandfather, this is the gift that Ashley has bought for you, your favorite West Lake Longjing tea."

Andrew handed a beautiful box to Chant who placed it next to him.

Chant looked at Ashley and said, "Well, thank you."

Ashley sat up straight when she saw Chant looking at her.

She failed to notice the eye contact that Chant and Andrew had maintained as they talked.

"This reminds me of a calligraphy painting that I have in my study. Would you mind bringing it to me, Andy?"

Chant said as he looked at Andrew.

Andrew looked at Ashley worriedly.

Chant's face turned gloomy. He looked at Andrew and said, "Well, faster. Are you scared I'll question Ashley when you're gone?"

Ashley gently pulled Andrew's sleeves in response.

Andrew helplessly looked at Ashley as he said, "Just wait here. I'll be back."

Ashley said, "Okay."

When Andrew left, only Chant and Ashley were sitting on the sofa.

Ashley made sure she didn't move as she held the glass of lemonade in her hands.

Bertha was busy with something in the kitchen and Porter had gone somewhere else.

'Looks like they don't have many servants here, '

Ashley thought as she took a sip of lemonade.

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