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   Chapter 381 A Perturbed Heart

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Andrew didn't tell them in advance about their visit as he wanted it to be a surprise.

He wanted Ashley to meet the only family member he'd recognize as his own.

Just as they arrived, a figure came out of one of the high shrubs. This particular one was designed to be as high as an average person's chest.

He was wearing a Chinese traditional suit. He looked like he was in his late fifties to early sixties and he looked very healthy.

Ashley turned to look at Andrew in puzzlement.

Just as Andrew was about to speak, the butler, who had been trimming the tree, raised his head and straightened his back.

He was so surprised that he dropped his shears on the ground. He stared back at Andrew. When he spoke, his voice was quivering, "Mr. Lu, you're back?"

He couldn't suppress the excitement in his heart.

Andrew nodded and said, "Yes, Porter. Is Grandpa here?"

Porter nodded hastily and said, "Yes, yes, Mr. Lu. Come in. I'll inform Master that you're here.

Mr. Lu, why didn't you tell us that you were coming to visit? Had we known you were coming, we would have made preparations!" Porter led Ashley and Andrew into the villa.

Porter only noticed Ashley when she was standing behind Andrew. His eyes sparkled. "Who is this young lady, Mr. Lu?"

When he asked, his mind was racing. Every time Mr. Lu came to visit, he always came alone. The whole family was starting to get worried about him.

He couldn't believe Andrew had finally brought a woman with him. He could sense the special significance of the woman.

He looked at Ashley politely and Ashley smiled back.

'This old man looks quite friendly, '

thought Ashley.

While Porter was trying to figure out what Ashley and Andrew's relationship was, Andrew pulled Ashley next to him and said, "This is my wife."

Porter wasn't just surprised—he was stupefied.

'What did Mr. Lu just say?

His wife?

the kitchen.

Ashley poked her head out from behind Andrew and smiled at her. "Hi, Bertha. I'm Ashley."

Andrew chimed in, "She's my wife."

Ashley immediately noticed the shift on Bertha's face when Andrew said that she was his wife. It was the exact same expression that Porter had on his face a few moments ago.

She was puzzled. 'What's the matter?

Why do they all react that way whenever Andrew tells them that I'm his wife?

Do they not like me? Am I not welcome here?'

As she thought about it, she started to feel uneasy so she clenched Andrew's sleeve.

Bertha, who was silent for a moment, was still digesting Andrew's words.

'Mr. Lu's wife? Mr. Lu's married?

That's great news!'

After a while, she grinned. "Mrs. Lu, it's nice to meet you."

Ashley smiled back. "Nice to meet you too."

"Mr. and Mrs. Lu, please sit down. I'll go bring some drinks for you. What do you want to drink, Mrs. Lu?"

Ashley came out from behind Andrew. She could see Bertha's genuinely affectionate face. So she said, "I'll have the same as whatever Andy's having."

Bertha liked this answer. She squinted her eyes and then nodded before heading to the kitchen.

Ashley couldn't help but wonder what they thought about her. Did they like her or not?

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