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   Chapter 380 Once In A Life Time Event

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 4975

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"Can I leave now?"

Amaia waved her hands and said, " Of course, you can. I don't want to delay you any further."

"Thank you," Ashley smiled at Amaia.

Ashley was a little later than usual while Andrew was punctual as always. When Ashley got into the car, Andrew glanced at her.

"What's wrong?" Ashley asked, touching her face. "Is there anything on my face?"

Andrew shook his head, "No. It's just you're five minutes later than usual."

Ashley was taken aback at Andrew's ability to recall tiny details like this.

She began to explain, "I just got held back by work."

"Okay." Andrew nodded.

Throughout these past few days, Ashley was able to find out what Andrew's grandfather liked.

Like most old people, his grandpa liked tea, chess, and fishing. They just wanted to relax and enjoy a carefree life.

Johnny had already helped prepare her present, a box of superior West Lake Longjing Tea.

Andrew had mentioned once that his grandpa liked that.

The following morning, Andrew got up early. He had already dressed up for the day before he woke Ashley up.

Ashley seemed to be still sleeping soundly as she was buried under the quilt.

Andrew didn't want to wake her up.

However, his father had moved to the suburbs after he'd turned over his shares and control of the company to Andrew.

The suburbs were quite far from the city proper.

Andrew gazed at Ashley's rosy skin and slightly open mouth as he sat by the bed.

"Ash, wa

urrounded by flowers and trees Ashley hadn't seen before.

Johnny took two days off as allowed by Andrew. Johnny thought it was too much.

He couldn't even believe it at first.

Andrew, however, just didn't want Johnny to disturb his private time with Ashley.

Andrew got off the car and offered his hand to Ashley, "May I?"

Ashley was a little nervous. Her hand was a little sweaty when she put it on Andrew's hand.

Ashley tugged Andrew's sleeve and asked worriedly, "Do I look okay? Good? Will Grandpa like me?"

Ashley wore a white knee-length skirt and a pair of black and white sandals.

She tied her hair up in a loose bun with a few wisps of hair flying about.

Her eyes were big and bright, which looked quite lovely.

"Yes, he will. You're very beautiful. Don't worry," Andrew said.

Ashley heaved a sigh of relief. She smiled at Andrew then followed him, her hand still pulling at his sleeve.

Andrew like the feeling of that. He smiled to himself.

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