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   Chapter 379 Hannah's Mind

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After Angelina went back inside the house, she saw Hannah still sitting in the living room, obviously waiting for somebody.

Angelina narrowed her eyes and said nothing. She had nothing to say to Hannah.

She made her way to her room while clutching her bag in her hand.

Out of nowhere, Hannah called out to Angelina, "Angelina baby, you have returned? Did the madame go back to her house?"

Angelina baby?

A sarcastic grin appeared on Angelina's lips.

Hannah always used a harsh tone whenever she talked to her. But today she became her Angelina baby?

She turned to her and asked, "What is it, Mom?"

Hannah's attitude towards Angelina now was much nicer than before. After all, Angelina had developed a good relationship with a rich family. She was the person who could take them towards the path of wealth.

"Nothing. Couldn't you catch up with your mom when you have time? Come, stay here and chat with me for a while."

Angelina stopped heading towards her room and went to the room where Hannah was. She then sat beside her. "What do you want to talk about?"

Angelina had a good guess that Hannah wanted to talk about Belinda.

"Who was the lady who came to our home just now? She looks like somebody important."

Angelina sneered inside and replied, "Oh, that lady... she is the wife of the owner of the Gu Group. Of course she is important."

Hannah's mind began to piece things together. 'The Gu Group?'

She had never paid much attention to such things. She knew nothing about the Gu Group. Maybe she should ask Jacob when he came back. He could go and explain this to her because he knew more than she did.

"What is the relationship between you two? I could see the lady was treating you very nicely. Is she related to the boy who brought you home last time? She likes you, doesn't she?"

"Oh, of course they are related. The lady who came today is the CEO's mother and the one who sent me back last time is the CEO of the Gu Group," replied Angelina.

Hannah only heard the words CEO and the Group. All the other words Angelina said went in o

ong well with Ashley and Amaia and sometimes exchanged banter with them.

Amaia nodded to Ashley.

Ashley released her hand. "You can ask whatever questions you have, but you have to keep your voice down."

Ashley felt helpless for a moment. Amaia was a very nice person, but when she heard some news, she tended to just cry out loud without thinking.

This made Ashley reluctant to give Amaia any kind of news.

"So you said you are going to meet your husband's parents?" Amaia inquired Ashley.

"Right," replied Ashley while nodding.

"But I remember you told me that you already married your husband. Why did you wait until now to go to meet the parents? Did you have a whirlwind wedding?"

Amaia's eyes were as big as saucers as she stared at Ashley. She couldn't believe that the Ashley she knew was such kind of person.

Under Amaia's eyes, Ashley slowly nodded. "Well yes, you can call it a whirlwind wedding. We are going to meet the parents."

Amaia suddenly let out a sigh.

"What's wrong?" Ashley asked.

"You are all married and meeting parents. And here I am, still alone," Amaia muttered.

Ashley felt sorry for Amaia. She tried to comfort her. "It's okay, Amaia. I'll help you. You can be sure about that. I'll make sure you win Johnny's heart."

Amaia cheered up immediately, "Great! I'll make it happen! I believe you, Ashley. I'm counting on you."

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