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   Chapter 378 I Will Deal With Your Family Myself

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Belinda looked at her watch. It was about five o'clock in the afternoon. It was time for her to go back since she hadn't told Martin that she was here.

However, Belinda was still a little disappointed. She didn't want to go back right away because she had only seen Angelina for a little while.

Belinda looked at Angelina affectionately as if she already wanted to take her home.

'But it might scare Camelia away if I do that. Either way, I have to do as Jeremy has told me, ' Belinda thought inwardly.

She looked at Angelina and said, "Angelina, I have to go back now. Don't forget to come to see me when you have the time."

Before Angelina could respond, Hannah chimed in, "Are you leaving now? Do you want to have dinner first?"

Belinda said with a smile, "No, thank you. I have to go back home as I have some affairs to deal with. Angelina, would you go downstairs with me?"

Angelina nodded and said, "Okay."

Belinda beamed.

Hannah quipped, "Oh yes, Angelina, help me see off Mrs. Gu."

She then turned to Belinda and said, "Mrs. Gu, feel free to come back anytime if you want to talk."

Belinda looked at Angelina meaningfully without taking notice of Hannah. Hannah didn't seem to be embarrassed or bothered by this blatant snubbing.

After Angelina and Belinda left, Hannah laughed.


I have the best luck. It seems I made the right decision in adopting Angelina. She has fallen in love with a rich man and my family is going to benefit from it!" Hannah said to herself.

There was an elevator in the building so Angelina and Belinda didn't need to walk downstairs. Angelina was concerned about Belinda so she held Belinda's arm to support her. "Aunt Belinda, walk slowly, please."

Belinda smiled.

She responded happily, "Okay."

When they arrived at the first floor, Belinda suddenly took Angelina's hand and said with hesitation, "Angelina, do you…"

Angelina looked at Belinda. "What? Aunt Belinda, what do you want to say?"


d anything, just call me or your brother. We'll help you, okay? Don't hesitate."

"Okay, Mother." Angelina wasn't able to stop herself. She had called Belinda her mother.

After which, they both seemed to be taken aback.

What did she just say? She had actually called Belinda "mother."

Belinda looked at Angelina in disbelief as if she had heard her wrong. "Angelina, what did you just call me? Can you... Can you just call me that from now on?"

Belinda couldn't speak properly. She was so moved that her eyes were welling up with tears as she looked at Angelina.

'Did I hear her right?

Did Camelia just call me her mother?' she thought inwardly.

She had forgotten how lovely it felt to be called that.

Especially by her long-lost daughter.

Angelina noticed how emotional Belinda got upon calling her, "mother."

Angelina said, "Mother, pay attention to the road and please drive carefully."

"Okay, okay. Angelina… Angelina…"

Belinda was reluctant to leave.

Even though she knew Martin would get mad at her for staying out late, there was a part of her that wanted to spend more time with Angelina.

Belinda didn't expect that Angelina would call her "mother."

Angelina waved farewell to Belinda, smiling at her. When Belinda's car had disappeared, she turned around and headed upstairs.

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