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   Chapter 377 Belinda Wanted to Take Angelina Back

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Belinda asked Jeremy for the address of the Li's house and Angelina's school. But she forgot to ask for Angelina's phone number. As a result, she couldn't call Angelina.

After finishing her words, Angelina was about to hang up the phone. However, she suddenly heard Belinda's voice on the other line.

Belinda began talking to her on the phone in a gentle manner.

Angelina bit her lip and finally agreed after hearing Belinda's words.

Meanwhile, in the Li's house, Belinda handed the mobile phone to Hannah. After hanging up the phone, Belinda said, "Thank you. Angelina said she would be back soon."

Hannah obediently replied, "You are welcome. You are welcome. That little…" At first, she wanted to call Angelina "little bitch."

But looking at Belinda, who was sitting on the sofa, Hannah kept those bad words to herself and said, "Angelina enjoys staying outside and seldom stays at home even if we ask her to come back. Mrs. Gu, I don't know when Angelina will come back if not for you."

Belinda couldn't help but curl her brow after hearing Hannah's words. 'Angelina behaves so well. How could she say something bad about Angelina?' thought Belinda.

She said indifferently, "I think Angelina is a good girl. She's kind and lovely."

Noticing that Belinda's facial expressions had changed, Hannah could only echo Belinda's sentiments.

Hannah was itching to go out. When she opened the door, Belinda was standing in front of it. Belinda flashed a friendly smile on her face as soon as she saw Hannah.

Hannah knew that Belinda came to see Angelina.

Seeing that Belinda was well-dressed and eloquent, Hannah guessed that Belinda must be rich.

Hannah welcomed Belinda to her house in a warm, highly accommodating fashion.

"Are you Angelina's mother?" Belinda asked Hannah while looking at her.

Hannah nodded and hesitantly asked, "Who are you?"

Belinda didn't know how to answer the question. 'What should I say? I can't say that I'm Angelina's mother now, ' Belinda thought to herself.

Seeing Belinda's expression, Hannah didn't ask again and changed the topic.

They proceeded to talk about Angelina. Hannah could tell that Belinda was interested in Angelina.

up Angelina, ' Belinda thought to herself.

Hannah could feel that Angelina and Belinda wanted some time alone. "Angelina, stay here and talk with this lady. I will go to the kitchen and prepare some fruit for you," Hannah instructed her.

Angelina said, "Okay."

Although she didn't like Hannah at all, she still tried to behave politely.

After Hannah left, Belinda looked at Angelina, reached out to touch her face gently and said, "Angelina, how's your appetite lately? Why do I feel that you have lost much weight? And you seemed a little untidy. Are you having difficulty with your studies at school?"

Angelina smiled gently and said, "No. I haven't lost weight. I have eaten a lot recently. There is nothing that I'm busy with at school. I will graduate soon. So, I don't have much homework."

Belinda was relieved. She then said, "That's fine. That's fine. No matter what happens, you can't allow yourself to suffer. You can call me if you need anything."

Belinda was beaming as she spoke. She continued, "Well, Angelina, we have moved back to J City. If you want to come to see us later, you don't have to spend much time on the road." Belinda was elated that she could easily see her daughter now.

Seeing that Belinda was beaming with happiness, Angelina couldn't help saying with a smile, "Okay, I will definitely visit you more."

By the time Hannah had served the plate of fruits, Angelina and Belinda had already talked a great deal.

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