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   Chapter 376 Self Justification

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Well, you can say that if you like. The daughter of the owner of the Gu Group. That's way better than a windfall or winning the lottery.'

They didn't have much to do in school that day. They were seniors and they were graduating soon so they weren't as busy as the other students from the lower grades. Today, they had actually planned on going shopping.

Originally, they were going to go shopping with Mona too but she'd gone to see her boyfriend which left Angelina and Jennifer alone.

When they went into their first boutique, Angelina's phone started ringing. It was an unknown number. She had initially thought of ignoring the call but eventually decided to answer it.

She told Jennifer to go ahead as she stepped out to answer the call.

After a short while, she came back into the shop and looked like she was in a hurry.

"Jennifer, I'm so sorry but I can't go shopping with you today anymore. There's been an emergency and I'm afraid I have to deal with it now."

Jennifer was busy checking a dress. She raised her head and asked, "What's the emergency?"

"It's a long story. I have to go now. I'll go shopping with you next time. See you," Angelina said.

Then she hurriedly left.

As Jennifer watched her back disappear out of the door, she mumbled to herself, "What could be so important? I can't believe you just ditched your friend like that without so much as a decent explanation. Um, I'm not in the mood to go shopping anymore. I'd better get back home too."

Then she also left.

As soon as Angelina left, she hailed a taxi and immediately got inside. "Please drive to the S hospital."

The call she had received was from the doctor. She had asked them to call her when the results were out.

She patted herself on the chest for thinking of that because if the hospital hadn't called her, she would have forgotten all about it.

As soon as she arrived at the hospital, she rushed inside. She immediately headed to t

"Come back home this instant! I don't care what you're doing right now. Just come home immediately." It was Hannah's voice. She sounded impatient the way she normally did when she gave out orders like this to Angelina.

Angelina furrowed her brows. 'Do I really have to go home whenever she orders me to?

Why is she so bossy?

I have other things to do.'

So she responded, "I have lots of other things to do. I can't go home today. If you have something important to say, just tell me over the phone."

Hannah flew into a rage when she heard this. 'What a little bitch! Just because you're a bit grown up now you think you can defy me like that?'

Just as she was about to retort back, a gentle voice came, "Is that Angelina? Can I have a few words with her?"

Hannah had to swallow back her sharp tongue. She looked at Belinda who was sitting gracefully at the couch. Hannah replied, "Sure."

Belinda took the phone from her and put it close to her ear. Then she said with a little excitement, "Hi, is that Angelina? Where are you? I'm at your home! Do you have time? Can you come back home?"

When Angelina first met the Gu family, Belinda was able to acquire Angelina's home and school address from Jeremy.

Belinda was out for the day so she decided to grab the chance to visit Angelina.

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