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   Chapter 375 Visit Andrew’s Grandfather

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Ashley felt exhausted after dinner. She didn't like most of the food that was served except for the soup.

Thus Ashley had a lot of serving of the soup which made her feel full right away.

When she put her bowl down, she let out a burp.

When Andrew looked at her, Ashley immediately flushed. She felt so embarrassed that she wanted to hide herself.

Much to Ashley's relief, Andrew just smiled at her and looked away.

She gazed back at Andrew whose dazzling smile was mesmerizing.

There were lots of camellias outside the villa. After dinner, Ashley liked to walk around to help digest the food she had just eaten.

She intended to go on her daily walk that day too.

The sun hadn't set yet but the weather wasn't hot. When Ashley and Andrew stepped out of the villa, the breeze that met them made them feel refreshed and relaxed.

Ashley walked over to the white camellias—taking the scene around her, all in. Never had she felt so relaxed.

Andrew followed Ashley's gaze and asked, "Do you like these flowers?"

Even though this was his villa, he wasn't the one who had designed his garden. No wonder Ashley felt so distant and unfamiliar with the place when she first came here.

'Maybe it was Johnny who had the flowers planted, ' she thought to herself.

She chuckled at the thought of Johnny.

'Johnny's such a great assistant. He is quite helpful. He handles everything from work to Andrew's personal life, ' she thought inwardly.

When she saw the look on Andrew's face, she spoke, "Yes, I like them very much."

Suddenly, the breeze blew again to which the camellias responded with a soft, graceful dance.

"I'd like you to meet someone. Can we do it over the weekend?"

Andrew said as they walked back to the villa.

"This weekend? Who am I going to meet?" Ashley asked doubtfully as she looked at Andrew.

"My grandfather."

As soon as the words

and said, "You don't have a fever, do you?"

Angelina came back to her senses. She removed Jennifer's hand and said, "What are you doing?"

Jennifer looked at Angelina carefully and said, "What do you mean what am I doing? What are you doing? Since you met your brother, you've been acting a bit weird. What happened? Why are you so happy?"

"What did I just do?" Angelina asked.

Jennifer nodded and said, "You're acting strange. You've been acting like this since yesterday. Did you win the lottery or something? Why are you acting like that?"

Angelina remained still, looked at Jennifer and said rather mysteriously, "No, I didn't win the lottery. I don't have a fever either. I'm just in a good mood."

Angelina decided to keep her little secret to herself for now. She wasn't sure anyway so she couldn't tell anyone yet. It would be embarrassing if things suddenly change and she had already told people.

Jennifer said, "Really? You're in a good mood. But you've never acted like this before even when you were in a good mood then.

Please tell me what happened. Why are you so happy? Just tell me."

Angelina thought for a moment and then said, "Well, it's better than winning the lottery."

"What? You're rich now?" Jennifer prompted.

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