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   Chapter 374 Ashley’s Consideration

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A few days ago, Ashley and Andrew were in a cold war. Thankfully, after a couple of days, they soon made amends and reconciled with one another. This made their relationship stronger than before.

After the car left, a man hidden behind a tree walked out and saw them leave.

He looked completely exhausted, with dark circles around his slightly bloodshot eyes. He seemed a bit disheveled, completely different from the sunny and cheerful man that he once was.

Raymond clenched his hands as he saw the car driving further and further away.

He knew that Lena had gone abroad. At first, he thought Ashley would take Lena to court since Lena caused her so many trouble.

Knowing this, he waited for the news at home.

Raymond thought that he had been wrong for the longest time. He couldn't help Lena anymore.

These were Lena's faults. She was the one who hurt Ashley.

Raymond expected to hear the news that Ashley took her to court. Instead, he heard that Lena had gone abroad.

'What happened?

Why did Lena go abroad?

Did Ashley forgive Lena?'

Raymond couldn't contact Ashley. That was why he decided to wait for her here.

As Ashley trotted over him, Raymond couldn't help but let out a happy grin.

He thought that Ashley might have seen him. He didn't expect that Ashley actually ran into that car.

The car belonged to the Lu Group, and Ashley worked here. Raymond could guess who picked up Ashley.

And he was doing his best to remain skeptical about his assumptions. He still hoped that Ashley wouldn't fall in love with Andrew so quickly.

However, Raymond didn't think about the thing between Lena and him. Why did Ashley have to wait for him?

'Why did Ashley come here to get in Andrew's car? It seemed that she was trying to hide something.

Didn't they let others know about their relationship?

It seemed that they haven't been in love with each other deeply, '

thinking of this, Raymond couldn't help but feel relieved.

Meanwhile, Andrew thought of what happened in the company. He couldn't help but be a bit anno

asted salt, oil, and the leafy and juicy vegetables.

'Well, the taste is very suitable.

This suits Andrew's taste, ' thought Ashley.

Andrew looked at the light dishes on the table, and then looked at Ashley who seemed upset. Although she was trying to adapt to this taste, her facial expression had shown that she didn't like it.

She used to eat with her mouth full of food and her eyes sparkling.

But at that moment…

Andrew couldn't help but feel sorry for her.

The dishes on the table were all he liked to eat. They were all light. But Andrew's appetite was nowhere to be found.

Ashley tried to swallow the vegetables. Then she found that the bowl of rice in front of Andrew was still full. He hadn't started eating, but gazed at her instead.

Ashley got settled into her chair and asked. "What's wrong? Why haven't you start eating? Don't you like these dishes?"

While speaking, Ashley's brow began to furrow a bit.

She also felt that the taste was too light. There was no other taste except for the taste of salt.

They were unsavory for Ashley's taste buds.

She wondered how Andrew could eat such dishes for so many years.

Ashley couldn't help but show sympathy for Andrew.

Andrew shook his head and said, "No. It tastes good."

Ashley didn't say anything. 'Well, I shouldn't consider Andrew as an ordinary person, ' thought Ashley.

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