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   Chapter 373 Ungrateful Person

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 6877

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"He just did what he had to do under this circumstance in our company. He would do the same if it happened to anyone else. So it isn't true that he did that just to protect me.

I believe if you were in my position, he would treat you the same as he treated me.

Okay, if you don't have anything else, could you leave me alone? I have something else to do."

The faces of the group of people turned stiff. Each of them proceeded to flash an awkward smile and said, "Sure. If you're busy, we won't bother you anymore."

As they said that, they started to turn around and leave.

"Wait a minute," said Ashley.

"What is it?"

"Please take all these things back. I can't take these gifts for doing nothing for you. Besides, these gifts are very expensive. I can't give you the same gifts in return."

Their smiles suddenly became twisted. Under Ashley's watch, they had to come over to her desk and pick up the things they left beside her computer.

After they all left, Ashley breathed a huge sigh of relief. She showed them some attitude and her tone wasn't pleasant to hear. Surely they didn't feel good being at the receiving end of it. So she hoped they wouldn't bother her anymore.

Amaia came back after the crowd was all gone. She asked, "How did it go? What did they say to you? Were they fawning over you?"

Ashley bent on her desk and nodded. "You were right. It's just as you expected. Now that they know that Johnny is my cousin. A lot of people came over to fawn over me."

After she watched Amaia for a while, she added, "Well, next time they come over, you have to help me. Otherwise I'll give Johnny's contact information to them and let them go after him." Ashley couldn't know better what these women could be thinking.

Amaia immediately got worked up. "How dare you, Ashley!"

"Okay, I won't do it. But you know those women's hearts. They all desire to win Johnny's heart for their own. Next time you have to help me deal with them. Keep them away from me."

Amaia clenched her teeth and replied, "Okay.

What di

a strand of hair stuck to her cheek. She was catching her breath and her cute mouth opened slightly as she gasped for air. Her face was flushed pink and felt warm.

Andrew's expression didn't change but his eyes narrowed.

The moment he saw Ashley, his whole body turned relaxed and softened.

He drew a piece of tissue paper from the tissue box and wiped the sweat off her face. "Why were you in such a hurry? We won't leave without you."

Ashley smiled from ear to ear and replied, "I know you won't go without me, but I don't want to keep you waiting."

Andrew's heart melted after hearing this. He could hardly hide his smile slowly forming on his lips.

"It doesn't matter. We will wait for you as long as you need."

He felt butterflies in his stomach and his heart felt lighter. Now he saw that Ashley relied on him more than ever.

He wished she could always rely on him forever.

He recalled what Ron once said. And he turned to look at her again.

'Well, I'll be nicer to her, adore her more and more, make her unable to leave me!'

Johnny took a glance at them being so intimate and felt that he was so miserable to be forced to witness this lovely yet cheesy scene again.

He had the sudden urge to throw up.

'Can anyone explain to me why the relationship of a couple in love, no, a married couple could look like a roller coaster?'

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