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   Chapter 372 Became The Person That Colleagues Fawned On

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Upon the mention of this, Amaia looked frustrated. "Not much progress."

She was usually a carefree and outgoing girl but when it came to the person she liked, she grew shy and timid.

When she was able to get Johnny's number and WeChat, they would only chat occasionally.

Sometimes they didn't even know what they were talking about.

With the way things were going, their relationship was bound to come to an end soon.

"Ah!" Ashley blinked in puzzlement, "What's going on?"

Amaia said, "The point is, I'm not telling him anything!"

Ashley already knew what it was like to be in Amaia's position. 'Yeah, I know that feeling. Loving someone and not being able to say it? That hurts.

Thank god I'm not there anymore. I've been there and I'm never going back.'

Ashley rubbed her shoulder to show her sympathy. "That's okay, Amaia. You'll get over this soon.

Do you need help? I can help you tell him."

She thought it was a really good idea that she started to get excited. She hadn't done this before and it seemed so much fun to do it. She was thrilled.


Amaia blurted out. "No, no, no! Well, thanks for offering, Ashley, but I don't think that's a good idea. What if he doesn't like me? That would be so embarrassing!"

Amaia wasn't really like this. She couldn't understand why she was suddenly acting so sheepish and shy which was quite uncharacteristic of her.

Ashley could tell how much she liked Johnny.

Still, Ashley couldn't understand why someone would like someone like Johnny.

They didn't look like a good match.

They barely saw each other as Johnny was always with Andrew and Amaia was always working.

How could Amaia suddenly like him?

She asked Amaia as soon as she thought of it.

Amaia seemed embarrassed by the question. She leaned over to Ashley and whispered, "Ashley, I may have told you but please don't tell anyone else."

r cousin? He's Mr. Lu's assistant! That's to say, he is the second most powerful person in this group! I bet he gets paid a lot! And you say you have nothing to give us in return?'

"Don't worry. You don't have to give us anything in return."

"That's right. These are just small tokens of appreciation."

After another pause, they started to ask about Johnny at the same time.

Ashley didn't know what to say. 'Miss Mo, where are you? I don't know what they'd do if you don't come back right this minute.'

Miss Mo definitely wouldn't let them do any of these things. The only way they had the freedom to do these in the first place was because Miss Mo wasn't around.

"Ashley, I can't believe Johnny's your cousin! He's so amazing and handsome!"

"Yeah, Ashley, I admire Johnny too. He's the CEO's right hand. He must be very powerful!"

"Ashley, you're so lucky to have a cousin like Johnny!"


They were flooding Ashley with comments and questions about Johnny.

Ashley's expression turned cold.

"He's a distant cousin of mine. We don't talk much and we aren't very close," she said plainly.

"How could you not be close? He was so protective of you today. You're definitely on good terms at least!"

Ashley furrowed her brows.

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