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   Chapter 371 Andrew Came Here For Ashley

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'I probably need to handle this. This is Miss Mu we're talking about, ' Johnny thought to himself.

"Okay. Then you can proceed as I've instructed," Johnny said.

As Johnny spoke, two people came in to escort Sylvia out. Sylvia must've been so preoccupied that it didn't take much to get her out of the room.

Mr. Mao's face darkened upon seeing all of this.

He was at a loss for words. He used to think that Sylvia was a bright girl but she didn't seem so bright at that moment.

'How could she do that? Mr. Lu exposed her! How can I help her now?' Mr. Mao cried out in his heart.

At that moment, everyone in the conference room was exchanging glances and thinking about the exact same thing.

Everything happened so quickly. Suddenly, it was Andrew himself, the CEO of the Lu Group, dealing with the drama of the staff.

Even Kelly didn't expect this to happen.

However, Ashley was Johnny's cousin and Johnny was Andrew's trustworthy assistant. It seemed perfectly logical that Andrew would help Ashley.

Suddenly, Andrew stood up and said plainly, "The competition shall continue." Then he left with Johnny.

Everyone at the conference room watched them leave.

They still hadn't come to their senses long after Andrew had left.

'So, why did Mr. Lu come here in the first place?' they thought collectively.

Kelly was the one to break the silence. She looked around and immediately noticed that everyone was lost in thought. Then she said, "Well, best to let it go. The competition will continue in a while."

Kelly then looked towards the door where Andrew had just been and frowned to herself. 'What is Mr. Lu trying to prove or do?

Did he just come to visit?

Why did he leave so soon?' she thought to herself.

If Kelly had voiced this out to Johnny, he probably would have r

a was fired and you got your design back. Let's get back to work!"


Thank you for being so good to me. You were so supportive," Ashley said gratefully.

"Well, we're friends. I should be good to you. Next time this happens again, you should tell me so I can help you," Amaia said.

Ashley smiled and said, "Okay."

Amaia whispered to Ashley, "I think everyone in our department now knows that Johnny is your cousin. Just watch out. I think they like him."

Ashley scrunched up her eyebrows. 'But Johnny isn't my cousin.

Can you all stop associating him with me?' she thought inwardly.

"It's fine. I don't care about them. They're not my friends anyway. I'll just act normally like how did before.

Well, how are you and Johnny... Cousin Johnny?" Ashley almost slipped up and called Johnny by just his name. Luckily, she was able to catch herself on time.

'Oh, no! I almost exposed it.

But I think it's normal to just call one's cousins by their name, ' she thought to herself.

Ashley didn't know much about things like this. Lena and Ron were her only sister and brother respectively.

She didn't have a cousin.

Besides, she didn't even know who her actual family was.

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