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   Chapter 370 Well Done

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 7415

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"Mr. Cheng, you wouldn't be partial to Ashley just because you are her cousin, would you? You were also the one who brought her in, correct?"

Sylvia said these words to tell everyone the secret! The words that fell from her mouth can't be taken back. It was meant to tarnish Ashley's reputation and end her there.

'It was Mr. Johnny Cheng, who brought her in!

Who was Johnny? He was the outstanding assistant of Andrew!

He must have played his cards well to get the position for Ashley!' thought by everyone on the room.

Amaia, who stood next to Ashley, was enraged about what Sylvia said. 'How dare she say that! She was the one who got herself in through the back door!

No one would do such a thing except for her!'

Ashley caught hold of Amaia as she was about to rise from her seat and whispered to her ear," Keep calm. Let her speak."

Johnny felt apprehensive after he heard Sylvia's words. His palm started sweating in panic.

'Damn it!

It's okay if you wanted to die, but leave me alone, OK? Don't drag me into it!'

Johnny looked at Andrew cautiously. When he thought about the relationship between Miss Mu and his boss, wasn't that indirectly indicating he's cousins with him as well?

'Being the boss's cousin?' Johnny shivered with fear just thinking about it. 'It's impossible!'

Andrew sat still with a blank expression. No one knew what he thought, which only served to frighten Johnny even more.

'Boss is more terrifying this way.' Beads of sweat started to form on Johnny's forehead as his mind scrambled for a way to answer Sylvia.

'This woman was silly enough to pass the buck to me. Maybe she didn't hear what the boss said.

It was obviously Andrew, the true boss here, who brought Miss Mu in. Daring to frame Miss Mu, I doubt she'd end up anywhere good.'

Without missing a beat, Sylvia turned to Andrew and said, "Boss, are you going to let Johnny do whatever he wants?"

The two senior leaders present were too afraid to say anything and hung their heads low.

'Was she questioning Andrew?' They silently prayed that they won't be dragged into it when it spirals out of control.

Neither of them dared to do this. They were terrified of the consequen

e any company who would accept and employ her.

She started losing it and went crazy. She can't let herself end here! Regret filled her mind as she pleaded with Ashley to help smoothen things out.

Amaia was afraid of Ashley being soft-hearted. She glanced at her and advised, "Ashley, don't fall for her words. Don't forget what she has done to you." Sylvia was not worth forgiving.

Maybe she would do the same thing one day.

Ashley nodded to Amaia in acknowledgment. She knew that Amaia was only concerned for her. Either way, she didn't have any intention to help her.

Ashley didn't pity Sylvia at all. She deserved this.

Andrew tapped his long white fingers on the table without expression.

Johnny knew that his boss was growing impatient. He was silently ordering him to speed things up and he could only follow it. "In view of what Sylvia has done, she should be fired," he said.

Sylvia threw herself into a chair, pale and speechless.

'Was this what I hoped for?'

"Moreover, the two employees who testified for Sylvia will be given a verbal warning." However, Johnny knew that it wouldn't be long before the two would be fired sooner or later, for they dared to frame Ashley.

When he finished handing down the judgement, Johnny turned to Kelly, "Miss. Mo, what do you think? Do you have anything to add?"

'Why not ask me before you dealt with this?' Kelly muttered to herself.

"No, Mr. Cheng did a great job. Well done!" Kelly smiled.

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