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   Chapter 369 Why Are You Firing Me

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Ashley said those words softly but firmly.

People couldn't help but believe in her confident words.

Andrew, who was sitting in the front of the conference room, couldn't help but frown. At first, he was in a good mood, and planned to see his doting wife. He didn't expect Ashley would experience such unfair treatment during the contest.

Kelly sat by his side and naturally noticed Andrew growing impatient. Having worked in the company for so many years, she had never heard of someone stealing someone else's design before.

'The boss has become a little impatient. How about we deal with this matter later to make the competition go on for now?'

This idea flashed in Kelly's mind for a second and she couldn't help but directly suggest to Andrew, "Mr. Lu, How about we deal with this matter later to make the competition go on for now?"

Andrew glanced at Kelly. He believed that Kelly was righteous and responsible. But Andrew was worried that things might not go as he expected.

Moreover, he didn't want Ashley to be bullied.

Andrew indifferently replied, "No. Solve it now. I have to see what is going on. How could such a bad thing happen in our company?"

Hearing that, Kelly wanted to solve the problem as soon as possible. So, she agreed to do what Ashley said.

Sylvia would be asked to re-write Ashley's name. If her handwriting was the same as the handwriting on the drawing, then it could be proven that Sylvia didn't lie.

If they were not the same, then Sylvia had to be severely punished.

Kelly said, "Okay."

She told her assistant to take a pen and a piece of paper and put them in front of Sylvia.

Kelly said, "Sylvia, have you heard Ashley's words just now? If you can prove that the handwriting on this design drawing is yours, then this design drawing is yours. Ashley was accusing you of stealing and she will be punished according to the rules in our company. If the handwriting is not yours, then you should give an explanation to Ashley."

After Kelly's assistant placed the pen and the paper in front of her, Sylvia was at a loss for words. She didn't expect th

such wild accusations all of a sudden? Is the design drawing Ashley's and you took it? Otherwise, why couldn't you even write down the name in front of us?

How can you prove that this design is yours?"

Kelly looked at Sylvia, thinking she had to fire Sylvia this time no matter what happened. It was bad for the department if Sylvia stayed here.

Sylvia didn't dare to look at Kelly or write down the name.

'Once I write down the name, I will be in trouble!' Sylvia thought to herself.

Andrew was impatient. At first, he thought Ashley's idea was quite good. It could also prove that this design was Ashley's. He didn't expect Sylvia to be so stubborn.

Glancing at Johnny who was trying to be inconspicuous, Andrew coldly said, "Johnny, tell them about the rules. She stole Ashley's design, used it to participate in the competition and refused to admit her mistakes. How should we punish this kind of employee?"

Johnny was excited upon hearing Andrew's words. He thought Sylvia was an annoying employee for a long time. "Mr. Lu, she should be fired. And we should write down everything she has done during her time in the company on her file to remind other companies not to hire her. Otherwise, what if she does these things again in other companies?"

Sylvia looked at Johnny in utter disbelief and asked, "Why? Why are you firing me? This design is mine. Why are you all siding with her?"

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