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   Chapter 368 Denial

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Ashley didn't really sign all of her drawings. This was just an accident.

When she drew this design, she was thinking of Andrew. They hadn't been fighting yet and they were on very good terms. She found inspiration from practically nothing and started drawing.

On the back of her drawing was not only her name signed but also Andrew's.

She didn't want to just sign her name on it so she wrote Andrew's name too in very small letters. One had to look very carefully for one to see it.

Ashley looked at Sylvia and said, "If you don't believe me, you can turn the paper and see for yourself."

Miss Mo looked at Sylvia and said, "Turn it over, Sylvia."

Sylvia knew that she had to turn it over even if she didn't want to because there were so many people watching her.

So she turned the paper over. On the center of the paper, Ashley's name was written in bold and clear letters. It was difficult to ignore.

Andrew was bursting with pride. 'Smart. Of course, she would think of that. She knew she had to sign her name on her own designs.'


Is this true?

Did Sylvia really steal Ashley's design?"

"I'm not sure but based on what happened just now, it seems like it. Why would Ashley's name be signed on the back? And how would Ashley know about it?"

While the crowd whispered amongst each other, Sylvia remained composed.

It was difficult to believe that the drawing wasn't Ashley's.

Miss Mo and Mr. Mao should have seen what had happened. Mr. Mao looked at Sylvia. It seemed as if he wanted to defend Sylvia but Miss Mo interrupted him.

"Sylvia, Ashley said that the design you have is actually hers and she was able to prove it. What do you have to say for yourself?"


Everyone was shocked when Sylvia just laughed. She didn't even try to explain herself—sh


She was cunning enough to think of that stupid made-up excuse.

Sylvia glanced at Ashley knowingly, as if to provoke her.

'So what are you going to do? Looks like you're tied. You can't do anything.'

No one noticed the coldness in Andrew's eyes who was sitting in front.

He glared at Sylvia. It took everything he had not to throw her out of this office right now. He just wanted Sylvia to disappear.

Johnny, who was sitting next to him, wasn't oblivious to Andrew's rage but it wasn't like he could do much either.

Sylvia was able to defend herself. There was nothing any of them could do.

Suddenly, someone commented in a low voice, "But the handwriting doesn't look like Sylvia's."

The comment caused a stir.

Ashley raised her head upon hearing this. Her eyes were gleaming. The person was right. It would be easy to prove that it was her handwriting.

'Sylvia's handwriting is totally different from hers!

Let's see how Sylvia's going to fight this.'

Ashley looked at Kelly and said, "Miss Mo, if Sylvia can prove that the signature is her handwriting then I'll quit the contest. But if she can't prove that she wrote that then I need her to explain herself to me."

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