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   Chapter 367 Surprises

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But nobody present would dare say anything.

Ashley was also curious to know who that person could be.

Her curiosity was satisfied moments later because the next second, the door of the conference room burst open. The sound of footsteps became louder and louder and those inside the room froze and seemed to have forgotten what they were doing just then.


Who is that guy?

How could there be a guy so handsome walking in this world, let alone towards the conference room right now?

Why haven't I seen this person in the company before?"

For a moment, the people were whispering. Everyone, male and female, fixed their gazes upon Andrew.

Their eyes were filled to the brim with utter surprise, jealousy and curiosity.

Even within the Lu Group, not everyone had seen the CEO and appreciated his nice looking face this close a distance.

Only top management up to positions like Miss Mo's had the chance to see him. And some of them only got to see him on extremely rare occasions.

Miss Mo frowned and asked everyone to be quiet. And then together with Mr. Mao, she stood up and went over to greet Andrew. "Hello, Mr. Lu."

The room suddenly turned dead silent. Everyone in the room had a sudden desire to speak and all were extremely excited. But it wasn't the time for them to say anything.

'Oh, the CEO! How surprising! It is the CEO! They have seen the CEO in person today!

He is extraordinarily handsome, same as what the rumors said about him.'

Nobody noticed that when he stepped into the room, his eyes quickly scanned and zeroed in toward the direction where Ashley was. After locating Ashley, he drew his eyes back and looked to be in a very good mood.

Ashley kept her head down as if she didn't notice anything going on in the room.

But when she noticed that so many people were staring at her man with envious eyes, she got irritated. Andrew belonged to her alone. Only she could look at him freely. She wanted to hide him from such unwanted gazes.

Why did he have to come out and wonder around? Now his admirers would double in number.

If Andrew could guess what Ashley was think

n stood up and pointed to Sylvia, who was going to sit down, and said, "The design she has shown just now is mine."


The crowd was surprised and didn't understand what was going on. Their eyes shifted between Ashley and Sylvia, not knowing what would happen next.

'What is happening here?

Someone said that the design was hers? The speaker has already presented the design and made her presentation.'

Sylvia was stunned for a moment. She looked at Ashley, as if she didn't expect Ashley would point out the fact. But within seconds, she looked as if nothing had happened and said with sarcasm, "I presented this design. I did it. What evidence do you have to confirm that this design is yours?"

Sylvia had explained everything about the design without missing anything. Ashley knew that it was meaningless to talk about the design itself.

It appeared that Sylvia had properly prepared for the presentation. She wanted all attempts to accuse her of stealing the design to fail.

But would it be possible for Sylvia to stop Ashley's attempts?

Ashley pressed her lips and said, "I signed on the back of the design paper. You can turn it back and see for yourself if you don't believe me."

Ashley fixed her eyes on Sylvia steadily and confidently stated that fact.

Sylvia panicked for a couple of seconds. Her hands clenched the paper tightly. But after a second thought, she calmed down again.

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