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   Chapter 366 Sylvia Must Have Taken Ashley’s Design Drawing

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 7376

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After all, they didn't have close friendships with the others in the company. Ashley and Amaia didn't know what kind of people they were and whether they would take Ashley's design drawing.

Sylvia could be seen as an example. She often bickered with Ashley and Amaia over the smallest things. It was more likely that she took Ashley's design drawing. However, they had no evidence to present and prove their claim.

At that moment, people in the design department were all present and prepared for the competition. As they went to the conference room, they heard a fraction of the conversation between Ashley and Amaia, however, no one knew what happened.

Moreover, all their attention was spent on the competition. They had no interest in Ashley and Amaia's exchange.

Amaia moved Ashley aside and said, "Who was the last one to leave after work last night? Did any of you see someone approach Ashley's desk yesterday?"

"What's wrong? Did something happen?" Someone asked.

Their colleagues simultaneously stared inquisitively.

"Ashley's design drawing disappeared. She placed it in her drawer yesterday. Is there anyone who has seen her design drawing?" explained Amaia.

"Huh? Why would it disappear? The competition will start soon. What will she submit?"

"No. We left the company after work, and didn't see anyone who went to her desk."

"I haven't seen it."

"We don't know either."

Several people shook their heads and confirmed they didn't know anything about it.

Amaia and Ashley looked around and paid attention to their facial expressions. It seemed that they were telling the truth. They ran into a dead end and didn't know how to proceed from there.

Amaia and Ashley conversed with their eyes. 'Is it possible that the design drawing wasn't taken by someone in the company?

That's impossible!

The design drawing wouldn't disappear by itself, ' they thought.

Amaia glanced at their surroundings. At a corner, she found a man looking over at those who had spoken up. The man looked over and over again, nervously remaining silent.

Amaia narrowed her eyes and approached the man. "You saw someone go to Ashley's desk yesterday, didn't you?"

The man sli

d Amaia and gently said, "Amaia, don't mind it. The competition is about to start. Let's enter the conference room."

Amaia said anxiously, "But what will you do? You don't have a design drawing to submit. What will you give?"

Ashley could only comfort her, "Don't worry about it. Believe in me."

She took a deep breath and relaxed. 'It will be fine if Sylvia doesn't use my design drawing. Anyway, I don't have to participate in the competition this time. I still have many other chances.

If Sylvia has taken my design drawing and uses it later, I will definitely punish her, ' thought Ashley.

Ashley and Amaia walked into a broad conference room filled with people. Everyone sat according to a pre-arranged order.

Ashley happened to sit behind Sylvia while Amaia sat behind Ashley.

At exactly nine o'clock, Kelly came in with the other senior executives.

There were three special seats left for them. Kelly sat down on one end, while a large man who seemed to be in his forties sat down on the opposite end.

Ashley noticed that the large man and Sylvia glanced at each other when he came in.

'This man may have been acting as Sylvia's support.

It's no wonder that he has the ability to help Sylvia find a job here. That man has a position similar to Kelly.

What's surprising is that the righteous Kelly would allow Sylvia to work in the design department through connections, ' thought Ashley.

Only the middle seat remained vacant.

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